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Silver Bullet.  - Season 1 - Episode 30
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10 . 21 P.M.

Derek Oscar swerved the car as he weaved through the traffic. Imogen just kept praying the cops wouldn’t give them a speed ticket.

They had successively got to the parking lot and Derek had easily located his Hyundai Santa Fe SUV. With the help of the earpiece, they were able to hear every single action that was taken by the assassins to capture them.

He wasted no time as they got into the car and sped off. They were heading to the Nigerian Embassy. According to the GPS map in his car, it was just a few meters away from the college.

“Has she picked up?”
He asked, increasing the intensity of the air conditioner.

“No, this is the fifteenth time”,
Imogen said looking up from the handset.

“God. I just pray nothing happens to her!”
He prayed silently. “How about your arm? Does it still hurt?” He asked, slowing down as they got to a police checkpoint.

“Not so much, but it’s still a bit painful”,
she said pulling up her sleeves to get a look at it.

“Just hang on, we’ll get to the Embassy soon, and you would sure receive the best treatment. We would be there in a few minutes”,
he said and rounded a bend.

The Embassy was just a few meters away.

“Hope you’ve got your I.D.?”
He asked

“Of course, yes”,
she said rummaging in her purse.

The policeman waved them off.

“I can finally breathe”,
he said exhaling and reducing the pressure on the pedal.

“I think we are being followed”.

He shouted spotting the two black pathfinder SUV from the side mirror.

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