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Silver Bullet.  - Season 1 - Episode 5
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1.20 A. M

The President sat in hi story, deep in thoughts. Many of the files he had been working on in his office earlier in the day in a heap beside the laptop. Just like every other night, he was suffering from insomnia. He took his sleeping pills, and walked to a miniature refrigerator.

He pulled out a bottled table water and swallowed the pills in one gulp.

The study, like every other place in the Presidential villa was elaborately decorated down to the minutest detail. The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was a man whose eccentricity is based mostly on collections, he has a collection of rare books and artefacts in his study encased and arranged neatly on the shelves. Among his collections is the copy of Aeneid, written by the Greek author Virgil and many other rare works of literature; paintings of the Virgin of the Rocks by Leonardo da Vinci, and the Madonna painting graced the full length of the west wall of the study. Most of the paintings were reproduced from the original by experts using radioactive technology and Giclee. Equally gracing his library were the Grimorum Verum, the Arbatel de magia, to mention a few. He so much loved mystics.

As he adjusted the chord of his white night robe and was just about to sit down, he heard the distant ringing of his phone. It then occurred to him that he had left it in the adjoining state room after a very disturbing session with the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory.

The President was a firmly built man in his mid-fifties; he had served in the Nigerian military with his brother before he was recruited by the U. S. SEAL where he rose through the ranks. He finally retired from the service to face politics which had been his lifelong ambition and he easily rose through the echelons of power with his austere and imposing personality. His long years in the service helped to furnish his rise to that position. He had been at loggerheads with his brother, Arnold Kelvin, the black sheep of the family for years. Arnold had been in the shadows since,surfacing once again when he was campaigning for the President post and that was when they had the major showdown that tore their r/ship to shreds. Kenneth Kelvin had every reason to believe that envy has taken its toll on him.

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