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Silver Bullet.  - Season 1 - Episode 6
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Becky, the love of his life went under mysterious circumstance a few years ago leaving their only daughter, Imogen the only reasonable family he had. He suspected that it was one of his brother’s numerous evils but he had no evidence to sustain it. Meanwhile, Imogen, his only daughter is currently a Robotics and Software Engineering student in Massachussetts Institute of Technology, U. S. A. The President is currently still funding the U.S. Intelligence and CTAN (Counter Terrorism Association of Nigeria) to investigate her death. He had loved Becky so much and now he seemed to have transferred all that love to Imogen, an exact replica of her mother and he had a wall-sized portrait of them both hanging in the sitting room.

He opened the door of the hall which had a gold inscription,


He saw the light of the phone glowing from a corner of the dark room; he turned on the light and walked to it, calmly avoiding the Italian cushions that were arranged round the central glass table.

He picked up the phone from the table and quickly checked the caller ID, but there was none; he was about to ignore the call when he observed that it was prefixed with “ 06”.

He quickly recognized it as the dialing code of the Vatican City. The Pope had called him recently with the same dialing code to inform him of his visit to inform him of his visit to Nigeria in a few months’ time.

“I hope this would be something good. I have more than enough to worry about”, he muttered to himself and answered it.

“Hello, Mr President”, the man on the other end said. He had a thick Italian accent.

A frown streaked his face. Only very few persons had his private cell number.

“Please,who am I speaking with?”
He asked sternly

“We have a serious situation here, I’m currently with the Pope and you might speak with him later. I have every reason to believe that the Holy See is under a serious threat.

“Is the Vatican in need of our help? It would be an honor”.

“The Roman security operatives are up to the task but we would need your assistance, the organization issuing this threat is actually from your country”.

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