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Silver Bullet.  - Season 1 - Episode 8
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2 . 27 A.M.


The plane finally skidded to a stop and the step was let down. She took the briefcase, her mission, from the carriage bin spanning along the roof of the passenger plane. “Benvenuta in Italia”(Welcome to Italy), she muttered to herself as she stood examining her surroundings.

The plane had left Hercillo Luz International Airport, Florianopolis, Brazil from where she had received the briefcase from the messenger, the mysterious and notorious underworld gangster with the brief of what she was expected to do. She felt honored running an errand for him.

It could only mean one thing; her fame had gone far beyond Brazil. The lethal contents of the briefcase had been saved from prying sensors of the Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT) radioactive scan by means of a new technology which the briefcase employed- an odorless rubber-like material, brown in color and made from an exothermic emulsion reaction of some plastic constituents of bitumen. This invention escapes the CAT radioactive/X-ray scan by the material imposing its own film as a completly dark mass, masking the object underneath it.

The blonde Brazilian walked to a closet in the main building of the airport and washed all the artificial tan off her face so as to suit the passport on her next flight ticket, she equally stylized her hair. She walked out of the closet and soon located the section where flight tickets and visas were submitted.

“Please,while time is Flight A7 departing?”

She asked the airport staff with a practiced Italian accent,producing her flight ticket,visa and other particulars.

“Sorry signora, but you’re almost late”,
the staff said proffering her hand to received the particulars.

She checked the fake passport on the national ID with the face of the strange woman who had a distant air.

“Madam,please do get in here for scanning”,
she motioned to a round cubicle surrounded with glasses. She obeyed.

“This is the last call for passengers on flight A7, late departures should board immediately. We’ll begin general boarding in just ten minutes”,
the public address system echoed all over the departure hall.

“You’re cleared, you can go now down over there and submit your briefcase, happy journey signorina”.

The Boeing 777-9x was a massive passenger airline with a capacity of over 406 (3 class) passengers plus the crew. Currently, it was a bound for France.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, please all carry-on luggages must fit in the overhead bin. If you’re having any problem with that, notify us and we would fix it for you. Thank as you comply; have a nice journey”,
a female flight attendant announced on the public address system on board the plane. Just then, the pilot came on the speaker.

“Ground, this is B9x-A7. We’re ready to disconnect from ground power,over. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome aboard Italian Orio al Serio Flight A7, non-stop to New York. I’m your Captain for this flight, Roosevelt McCarthy. With me in the cockpit is…”

“First officer, Stephen Bradley. We have a perfect flight weather condition today, so we’re expecting a smooth and wonderful ride”,
he winked at Roosevelt, who gave him a go ahead. “Just sit back and relax. Thank you”.

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