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Silver Bullet.  - Season 1 - Episode 11
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3 . 45 A.M.

At the second ring of her phone, she muttered a curse and clumsily reached for it at the headboard. It was her Supervisor, Duane.

“Hello, Duane. You’re still up”,
she said, trying her best to hide her drowsy voice.

“Yeah, Bradley, we’ve got a slight hint down here in Nigeria; something about a terrorist but we’re still pushing our sources. I called you for something more serious”.

She tensed up and was now wide awake.

“What’s that? I hope it’s not as serious as it sounds?”

“I’m afraid so. We received five different videos showing about five to six passenger planes which took off from some of the major international airport in Italy some hours ago”.

“And what about the planes?”,
she asked.

“They exploded in mid-flight and a Nigerian mafia group is claiming responsibility for it”.

“S--t. It’s as bad as that? What are you guys planning, sending it to the headquarters in U.S or sweeping it under the carpet?”

“We’re a bit confused down here. It would really cause a stir, globally. This would hit the Roman Catholics real hard”.

“How? I don’t understand any of this”.

Have you forgotten the reason why you came? Tomorrow is the Easter celebration. Whoever that’s behind all this must be a fanatic and really had an absolute perfect timing”.

“You guys could make a fortune publishing it; you know the usual thing”,
she said, a wry smile on her lips.

“Of course, rushes and biddings from other international and local but that depends on whether we are the only guys with the info, anyway. Trevor had suggested that we air it and we’ve already sent it to the headquarters”, he elaborated.

“I see. What was his argument?”
Emily had a crush on Trevor, the Chief Computer analyst, but they hadn’t gone too far with the relationship before they broke up. She just felt awkward asking around about him.

“He said that it was the only reason the guy or whoever it was sent it”.

she said, wiping her hand across her face and reclining back on the headboard.

“It’s obvious, Emily. You guy are still at odds”, he said with a chuckle.

“Please do mind your business, Duane”, she said with a weary sigh.

I’m so as sorry ma”, he chuckle some more. “The problem right now is that if we aren’t the only guys with this video, then chances are that once it is made public, there would be an automatic lock down on airports; flight diversions would be sporadic and to get on a plane would be herculean”.

“And the crew won’t be able to make it”,
she concluded with a sigh.

“You get my point. We’re suggesting that you move over to the Vatican City immediately and report for the assignment to avoid any complications. I’ll let Oswald know and we would know what to do about the crew later”.

“I get it”,
she said, reaching for the remote control of the plasma TV set. What she saw left her dumbfounded, her voice cut off.

“What was that? Are you alright?”
Duane asked.

“I don’t think we’re the only ones with the video”.

“Oh my God!”

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