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Silver Bullet.  - Season 1 - Episode 15
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6. 0 1 A.M.

There was commotion in the St. Peter’s Square as tourists and Roman citizens clustered around to get a view of the video playing on the billboard-size television that was facing the lefr colonnade of the piazza.

The huge capacity square had two colonnades, one on the right side and the other on the left. Designed by Gianlorenzo Bernini in 1600 with the nove and piazza, the colonnades encircled the St. Peter’s Square and were intended to appear as enfolding arms to welcome visitors to the Holy See. Each colonnade was made up of 284 columns, totaling 568 columns. Statues of Saints and martyrs spanned the top of the colonnades.

“Where are we heading to?”
Emily asked, trying to keep up with the Swiss Guard she now knew as Signore Marcenzo. They had parked as close to the square as possible.

“The papal palace. The Charmenlengo requests your presence”,
he said breathlessly as they entered under the shade of the right colonade. She almost hit one of the massive pillars while trying to avoid an old lady on walking aids.

[/b]Oh sorry!”[/b] She said hastily as she strode faster to cover the distance. “Oh my. What’s going on here?” She asked after him.

You ask too much signorina!”
He said with indignation.

“Don’t forget, I’m a reporter!” She shot back.

He shrugged, “I don’t know exactly how it took place but a terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the bombing of the five passenger planes and they made the video play on the St. Peter’s Square Tv.

He promised to unleash more terror if the Vatican refuse to concede to his demands. This is likely a war of some sort”,
he explained breathlessly.

They now rounded the massive St. Peter’s Basilica, and Emily took a little time to take a sneak peek at the massive church. Thankfully, the entrance doors were open and she swung out her camera. A huge hand grabbed her.

“I’m sorry, ma. But there’s no time for this”,
Marcenza said pulling her along.

“D--n! I couldn’t even get a shot”.

A few meters away, close to the gate of the Vatican garden was a helipad. The Swiss Guard stopped abruptly, Emily bumped into him. He ignored her and tapped his earpiece.

“Eccoci qui, Signore (We’re here, sir)”,
he said and listened.

“There’s no problem”, he said and turned to her, “The chopper would be here in five minutes”.

Emily was unable to tear her gaze from the beauty of the Vatican garden. The freshly manicured trees and flowers were tendered to a maze-like finish. Umbrella trees were dotted of different spots providing shade to relaxation chairs.

‘Rome seems to be a pretty place for vacation’, she made a mental note to come back on a later date, more for pleasure than being dragged around by a Swiss Guard.

Just then, the distant whirl of helicopter blades shattered the serenity of the garden.

The yellow chopper came into view, it had the emblem of the Vatican City designed on both sides; two crossed keys with a mitre behind them on a half-yellow, half-white background.

The helicopter touched down on the helipad, sending leaves and dust into the air.

Emily blocked her face with an arm.

“You’ve got to get going”,
Marcenza said urging her forward. She lowered her head and made for the vehicle. The Swiss Guard was saying something behind her but the blades of the helicopter drowned his voice.

She sat down on the leather seat and turned in time to see him waving”, she waved back smiling and in no time, the helicopter took off.

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