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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 8 - Episode 10
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The stage is set fight her and die or kill the governor and live with fear for the rest of my life, that’s if I succeed in killing the governor, it is an impossible task because am a wanted man in rivers, it will be difficult to enter there without being seen, so which one should I go for?

I will rather kill the governor because I know it will be difficult to defeat Tina, the best is to negotiate with her after all Ednas dad have money, we can just relocate to another country and enjoy our life if I succeed, it will be my biggest task ever, killing the governor is not my problem, escaping is the problem, so I need a plan.

“I will do it” I said to Tina after he command them to bring me after thirty minutes,.

“Of course I know you will, do it for me and you and your girl will be free from me” she said.

“How do I know you will keep to your word?” I ask.

“Because I still love you, seeing you get hurt pains me, all I wanted is to kill Edna for betraying me, but if you succeed I can make exception” she said.

“Okay, but I will need weapons and safe passage to Port” I said.

“No no, you use your weapons, I know you came here with your friends, they can help you with the mission, you know I have eyes everywhere, even though rivers governor dump me doesn’t mean I dont have other politicians backing me, safe journey.” She said.

They let me go after assuring them that I will kill the governor, my friends were disappointed in me for agreeing to her deals, but I really don’t have a better choice because we are never going to defeat her anyway, have tried that many times so the best thing now is to just kill the governor after all he has always been on my blacklist after what I endured in Rivers state.

“So what? we just go to Port and assassinate the number one citizen in that state? how do we get out?” Taiye ask.

“Well I haven’t thought about that yet, I was hoping we can forge a plan ahead” I said.

“You know we are not the one with ideas you are” kehinde said.

“We are wanted in PH going back there is a suicide, I suggest we attack Tina and kill her, she won’t see it coming.” Taiye suggested.
“We can’t, she’s still holding Edna hostage, and shes my priority here, I thought she’s the reason we are all here” John said.

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