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Added: May 12, 2018
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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 11
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The best and most beautiful memories are spent together with friends and family alike. True bondship is actualized not when someone spend lavishly on you, but when they stay with you especially when you need them the most. People come into our lives and leave a footprint in our hearts, while others come and make you wanna leave a footprint on their faces. Despite the situation, remaining committed till the end, is the best way to weather the storm.

About thirty minutes later after Femi and Tracey had left, the generator power was suddenly disrupted causing a total blackout, eventhough there was enough fuel in the tank to last them extra hours. Bishop explained that they all exclaimed bitterly in displeasure, even saying that he was about to Pour into Suzan’s pusssy before the power went off, and then he made a hissing sound.

“You dey mad! Na toto go kill you for wetin you just talk..” Skipo who had been eavesdropping on their conversation insulted his cousin brother stylishly, and the trio bursted into an uncontroled laughter. Calm was soon restored and then Bishop continued with his narration.

The robbers cladded in black and black outfit, had masks covering their faces, whith torned holes in the eyes where they could see their potential victims. The men from the underworld stormed the lodge in commando style knowing people were inside the room having fun, but oblivious to them that these people were actually having a good fvcking time of their lives. The thieves had their plan well structured, one of them was positioned at the extreme junction observing any movement that lurks about, another stood close to the generator set, his plan was to switch it off while the remaining two who were the real mastermind were expected to barge into the room and cart away with valuables, most especially phones and gadgets. Exactly as planned, the second guy switched off the generator, after a while, Skipo stood up to go inspect what could have marred the electricity, then he noticed that two guys were walking beside the window, approaching towards the room, he suspected something fishy and then opted to shut the door quickly from inside, but before he could do so, the two criminals were swift as they attempted pushing the door open, though, they could only succeed half-way due to the pressure mounted by Skipo. It became crystal clear that these guys came to rob them, Skipo raised an alarm by shouting above his voice, which made everyone in the room to be at alert. Suzan and Kemi also joined in the wailing which later metamorphosed into shedding of tears. Bishop joined Skipo in pushing the door forward to prevent them from gaining access into the room, but their efforts was hindered shortly. As the struggle escalated, one of the robbers thrusted a sharp matchete through the edge of the door, and also threatened to kill should they refuse to let go of the door, that seemed to have performed magic as the door was immediately freed.

The robbers forced their way inside and pointed torchlight on their faces blurring their vision. The two criminals both held cutlass on their hands. Bishop and Skipo resigned to fate as they postrated on the ground, hoping for the worst to happen. Suzan and Kemi were shaking vigorously on the floor, the both of them were half Unclad.

“Gimme all your phones!”
One of the robbers barked. Kemi was the first to launch a search looking for her phone, she soon realized that she kept it inside her big handbag. She struggled to open the bag as she could barely pay attention. The robbers ended up not only collecting her phone but also a little purse which she kept inside the handbag. Suzan also stood up to give them her phone which she was charging before the incident, whilst she managed to cover her unclothness by draggng the blanket along to shade her pusssy.

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