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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 15
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Bishop was very upset and he refused not to hide his feelings. He told the first guy that he wasn’t going to buy the phone anymore, despite the fact that it had been unlocked, but the guy wasn’t bothered anyway.

They both made it outside the hostel, and while Bishop went back to the clinic to submit the admission letter to the nurse, Femi mounted a bike to his apartment where he met a surprise awaiting him…..

In life, there are certain circumstances that one must encounter. This most important thing is the ability to overcome your hurdles.

Femi had finally gotten home after a very stressful day which seemed to be the worst day in his entire life. Earlier, it was the drama with Tracey, and later the scuffle with vast of Dangana soldiers. He hoped inwardly that his day won’t become any worse, or so he thought.

As soon as he stepped into his lodge, freedom quarters, he discovered that his neighbour and friend Azeez had resumed, he started hailing him from a distance, which is typical of nigerian students. Getting to where Azeez had stood, they both shook hands and exchanged pleasantries, after which Femi accompanied him inside his room.

Prior to that moment, Azeez was rocking a very long afro-hairstyle, which he did cut before resuming for reasons best known to him. That decision made him to change facially and Femi couldn’t help but wondered what could have triggered him to do so. Femi further enquired what he had brought along on his way coming, Azeez reluctantly muttered “Blessings!” while pointing to a syrup kind of bottle placed on his reading table. Behold, it was a half-popped bottle of codeine. Azeez was smiling sheepishly while asking if Femi would like to share from the blessings. For the record, Codeine, just like Benylin, Solpadeine and others are cough and pain killers but its abuse could get one high. The drug makes a persons’ system to be calm and tend to behave in slow-motion – as of today, the drug is illegal and can only be sold and purchased through the backyard. Nevertheless, it’s a nice way to chill and get your mind of stress. Little wonder Seriki, the undisputed naija artiste a.k.a Irumole to je fried rice, sang the song “Codeine chilling” Perhaps, he was high on codeine when he went to the studio to record the freestyle.

Anyway, Femi bluntantly rejected the offer knowing the the implications if he had agreed. They got talking, and during the conversation, Femi highlighted all the obstacles he had gone through since resumption, ranging from the assault he received from the vigilante men, to the feud with Tracey, and recently the issues he had with Dangana soldiers.

Azeez who is quick to anger listened with rapt attention, and after all was said, he was very furious due to the way his nigga had been treated, wishing only if he was there, it would have been a different story entirely. Azeez was a no-nonsense fellow, he was always straight forward while dealing with people and hates oppression. His presumed lifestyle having his ear pierced and a tattood shoulder made people to see him as a rough system guy.

On several occasions, he had heard several stories flying about him, but then, he doesn’t give a flying fvck either. Getting really pissed off, Azeez suggested they go down town to relax with some bottles, Femi consented and off they went, but not after Femi asked him about his roommate Farook. Azeez made a hissing sound and asserted that he would resume when he so wishes. Both Azeez and Farook had issues which was yet to be resolved. It wasn’t long before the both of them mounted a bike and headed to “Item 7.”

Unlike every other day, the weather was particularly unique, as it wasn’t too sunny neither was it wet either. Item 7, was definitely the place to be. The serene environment attracted fun seekers to chill at the reservoiur, especially workers who had retired from their various jobs for the day, students were also not left out. Azeez and Femi had taken turns to relax around a “Gulder Lager” customized table with four bottles of orijin beer, then Azeez sub-consciously brought out a stick of Oris chocolate flavoured cigarette from a packet which he had placed on the table. He also brought out a spaq, otherwise known as Lighter from his pocket to ‘enlighten’ the Tobacco, but to no avail, as the lighter refused working.

Azeez then headed to another table where about four guys were sitted smoking pot. He politely asked to blow his cigar from their Shisha pot, and they obligied without hesitation. After kissing the cigar at most three times, fire ignited on the edge with smoke puffing out from his mouth, he gave them a thumbs up and shook them accordingly, as he made back to the table where he was sitted. All these while, Femi had been feeding his eyes with a Barclays premier league game being shown live on a Plasma Tv, placed on a strategic location to entertain customers.
“Brodaly, you no go blau?” Azeez asked Femi rhetorically, eventhough he knew that Femi doesn’t smoke.

On the other hand, Femi didn’t bother to respond orally, he only made a smile gesture and that answered the question. They kept sipping the Orijin, and while Femi was almost two bottles down, Azzez was no where close to half, but signs suggested that he was drunk due to certain stunts which he was pulling. The latest was when Azeez felt it was more comfortable to quench his Cigar in his filled bottle of Orijin..

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