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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 16
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Femi couldn’t help but laugh over his stupidity, stating that only a half bottle of Orijin could make him drunk, while himself was still standing, despite consuming two bottles already, and still counting. Of course, Azeez tried to dispute the claim that he was drunk, so he stood up gallantly, but saw himself dragging three steps backward, and one step forward like a kite controlled by the waves of the wind. It wasn’t unusual as Azeez could smoke eight wrap of weed, and two SK without feeling the impact, but only a cup of spirit-mixed drink could get him intoxicated. It only meant that Azeez was allergic to beer.

The place was fun filled, and everyone was cool, not until a familiar figure arrived at the eatery. Femi stared keenly as she walked in majestically with someone presumed to be her boyfriend, while holding him very tight on his arms, as though another lady was about to steal him away. The sight looked hilarious but that was the least of Femi’s worries, so he continued staring whilst trying to recall her identity. This behaviour, however, drew redress from Azeez who cautioned him not to stare at other people’s girlfriend, especially in public places; but Femi was hell-bent on recalling her identity, as he barely listened to what Azeez had to say.

A little more brain-storming made him reminisce her as the lady whom he selflessly helped on his arrival to school, untill she denied him bluntly when they were accosted by the vigilante men……

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