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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 20
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The following morning, after a long night of untold emotional attractions, a new day broke into a haven for endless possibilities.

The home theatre beeped suddenly, causing the album to commence playing in a rapid succession. The standing fan soon picked-up, with its blade rolling gradually from a lower to a higher pace. It only meant that PHCN had restored the long forsaken electricity. The music blaring hysterically finally put a halt to the slumber which seemed like it was going to last forever.

Femi pricked his eyes in reaction to the boisterous music; then, he turned to Ayo who also woke up promptly. Femi then stood up staggerly to lower the volume of the song, and then inquired from Ayo how her night had been. Gleeful she was, as she responded with a pretty smile. Thereafter, she arranged the mattrass, spreading the bed-cover nicely and then headed into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for their eating pleasure.

After a while, she stepped out from the kitched with a jug of hot tea on her left hand, and a sliced bread on the right. They began eating shortly, but not after they had collectively brushed their teeth using the same toothbrush.

Femi was amazed that they could both blend together easily despite knowing each other for only a short period of time. His likeness for her grew geometrically, and he was pretty sure that she was the right girl for him, with the hope that nothing could come between the both of them.

They got talking and engaged in personal conversations. It was a moment of truth as they both dug out their past relationships, and likely factors that possibly triggered the break-ups. Most bothering on issues of trust, pride, insecurity, ego-centrism, cheating amongst others. Each giving detailed explanations about their personality and temperament. Eventually, they both seemed to share alot in common, which connotes with the notion that “Likes attracts likes.”

Ayo seemed interested in knowing more about Femi, as she listened with rapt attention whenever he had something up his sleeves to share. Nonetheless, she kept seducing him with her cute eyes, which made it seem as though she wasn’t paying attention to their conversation in the first place.

It could be said that they both had feelings for one another, but it was only a matter of time before Femi would take the bull by the horn to profess his undying love to her.

At a point, it didn’t appear as though Ayo was that girl who was homeless the previous night, as she completely acted like someone without any worries. Indeed, she was in safe hands. And on the other hand, Femi wasn’t entirely the kind of guy who would make a lady to feel uncomfortable, or uneasy as he could pretend to be a gentleman whenever he deemed it fit, provided she meet up to a certain standard of decency and charisma.

Sooner than later, as the music continued playing, Ayo sprung up swiftly from the bed where she was seated, and challenged Femi to a dance, after increasing the volume of the song, which literally, was her favourite dancehall.

After series of rejection, Femi compromised to the pressure having battled the dancefloor with her by displaying his best dance moves including the much publicized “Shoki dance.” which was far from impressive as Ayo flawlessly outdid his every move. Not contented, despite having won, she proceeded to giving him a serious lap-dance that got him sweating profusely. In the end, they both had a nice time dancing intimately with enormous desterity and energy. As nature would have it, the song shuffled to another genre of music dubbed blues, the track playing was the mouth-watering and romantic hit single from the enigmatic artiste John Legend titled “All of me.” Magically, they both paused, staring at each other frantically, straight into the eyes, to what seemed like a kiss. Gradually, they drew closer by the second, but only retracted their lips when they were only few inches apart.

The duo feigned ignorance to the beautiful but lossed moment, then Femi apologized shortly, as if strucked with guilt. It would most likely seem as though he was trying to take advantage of the priviledge which he had offered her.

Femi then confided in her that she could relocate to his place, if she wasn’t comfortable staying with her roommate anymore, pending when she would be able to secure accommodation.

Later that morning, Ayo had gone back to her lodge with full hope that her roommate could expatiate thoroughly on the rationale surrounding her action. But after questioning the roommate, she showed little or no concern, and that degenerated into a heated argument between the both of them.

Ayo was very disappointed in her nonchalant behaviour, as she had obviously taken the roommate as her own sister, unknowily, that she could be so mean. At the end of the day, she had to pack her luggage and belongings and then moved in fully with Femi.

An impromptu decision that was indeed a step in the right direction..

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