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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 21
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Sunday is inargueably the most interesting day of every week. Reason being that, a large number of people have stipulated that day as an avenue for fun seekers to satisfy their unending urge for social activities and escapades. Especially the younger generations, while in the religious angle, it as a day set aside as sabbat for christians to worship their maker.

On this particular sunday, unlike ever other sundays, Femi was particularly interested to attend church service eventhough he never liked the idea of attending church, insisting that he was a christian but not a gullible church goer. The rational behind his decision was however not far fetched. This is because, a man is likely to act diligent in all his doings, especially when there is a woman at his watch. Since they began staying together about a week ago, Ayo had really influenced Femi, though positively, which had also made him more responsible, thereby, living up to expectations.

Femi gracefully stepped out of his room wearing only a “Banana island.” brand boxer. He was welcomed by his neighbours who began hailing him in different aphorism. Amongst them were Azeez and his mischievous roommate, Farooq. The both of them were “gyming up” that early morning, carrying different patterns of body weights and engaging in physical exercion. This was, however, a usual routine for them, as they made it a point of duty to always work out. After exchanging pleasantries, Femi had walked closer to them and joined in the exercise. Azeez and Farooq had sinced settled their differences.

About five minutes later, Ayo who was clad in a night gown ran towards Femi happily, she was holding two separate clothes and came to enquire which one would be more appropriate for her to wear to the service. Notwithstanding the fact that she kept on calling him “Baby” coupled with a Sekxy filtered voice which sent tongue wagging while others resolved to envy.

Femi choosed the dress which he loved the most, and then she cat-walked back to the room, purposely shaking her butt0ckz on display, which seemed to attract everyones attention. Almost immediately, Farooq gave Femi a “Married man” kind of look coupled with a sinister smile. Azeez collaborated as they both took turn to make jest of him playfully for cohabitating. Femi whose head nearly exploded due to blushing feigned ignorance and tried to change the topic.

“Make una continue dey whine me naw, wen una suppose go dress up make we attend church together.” Femi said with a pinch of sarcasm knowing fully well that they were both muslims.

“No be only church, I go follow go Israel for pilgrimage.” Azeez responded with a bigger sarcasm.
On a normal day, both Azeez and Farooq rarely went to mosque, let alone going to a church.
Femi was carried away by the physical exercion that he plunged deeply into the time slated for the first service holding at Redeemed christian fellowship (RCF) which is situated at the entrance towards “University Village.” He later resolved to attend the second service.
After alot had been said and done, Femi left both Azeez and Farooq to continue with the gyming, while he headed back inside to get ready for church. Ayo was already dressed before he got inside, and when he was done, they both left the house together.
The second service of Redeemed christian fellowship was overly populated on that specific sunday. Apparently, the members who attended the first service had stayed back to attend the second, as the second service was cancelled in replacement of a “Love event” which was organised by a group in collaboration with the church. The auditorium was filled to the brim as few seats remained to accommodate other members. Femi and Ayo arrived the church and walked in majestically, standing side by side holding hands, as those who cared to stare, kept feeding their eyes. Bishop sighted them from afar and waved towards them to join him at the back where he was seated, he pleaded with an usher friend to bring along two chairs and with necessary adjustment, they were able to secure sitting positions. The theme for the programme was entitled: “Choosing the right partner.” It kicked off perfectly with beautiful musical presentation from the delectable choir. Everyone seemed elated as the congregation who were mainly youths sang along. The guest speaker highlighted on the shortcoming of many christian relationships stressing the problems and possible solutions. Ayo interestingly payed keen attention to every single word the speaker said, and mid-way into the event, her countenance slightly changed into a moody state, and Femi promptly noticed it.

After the programme had ended, Bishop asserted that they go to his lodge, since Femi had refused visiting him for a while, not wanting any of his drama, Femi obligied and without hesitation they went to his lodge. Getting to his apartment, Skipo also came visiting not long after they entered the room, he was meeting Ayo for the first time….

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