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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 22
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During the course of their discussion, Femi revealed that Ayo was staying with him for the time being, and that she was trying to secure a space in the hostel. Bishop who knew the hostel governess had called her immediately, informing her that he had a special candidate, hence, she should reserve a space for her. As per connection, Ayo was later allocated a space at “Inikpi girls hostel” without following the erratic but stressful hostel balloting process which wasn’t a guarantee that one would ether be given a space or not. Ayo was very gleeful. Alas! She would have to relocate finally to the hostel the following week. Femi had really been a great source of help to her, and she could barely thank him enough.

It was indeed a moment of joy as everyone was in a good mood. Femi who kept seducing Ayo with sweet talks. Bishop who was yabbing Femi stylishly for having such a beautiful friend as Ayo. Skipo who didn’t for once stop adding seasoning to the soup by cracking endless jokes. And finally Ayo who was flattered as she kept grinning endlessly.

It was a perfect loved-up scenario, and with the way things had turned out to be, Femi was now certain that he had found the perfect girl of his dreams, and nothing or anybody could come between them, or so he thought……

The best and most beautiful moments in life are those spent together with friends, family, and basically loved ones in general. A true test of friendship supersedes all odds because the memories accumulated over a period of time will continue to linger in your heart.

Barely twenty minutes before the time slated for the commencement of yet another fixed lecture by the dreaded Mr. Bello Arome, students had already clouded the entire Idachaba Lecture theatre II, while others had to stand when they could not find any seat to utilize. Mr. Bello Arome was indeed a very strict lecturer in the department of sociology, kogi state university. He is knowned for purposely refusing to attend classes on the days stiputlated on the time-table, but would always fix lectures at his own convinience, and failure to attend attracts penalty. Bad attitude as he was fondly called by students which represent the first two initials of his name, was familiar by many with his principles which includes; no phone ringing during class, no side-talk, no going-out and coming-in, amongst many others. Also, no student is allowed to miss any of his classes, as he would always take down attendance, ensuring that nobody gets to sign for another person absent, his possible action being that he may use the attendance list as continuous assessment, and should his record show that a student missed classes about five times in a semester, that student would not be allowed to write the examination. He could be linked to a dare-devil because of his so-called bad attitude which had made him infamous and hated by many un-serious students.

It had been a month since lectures had commenced, while some students were re-united with their course-mates after returning from the long mid-break, others had made new friends especially with the direct-entry students who were newly admitted. Ayo had made quite a number of new friends, though, Femi still remained her best-friend in the department. The both of them were very close to the extent that people actually thought they were dating.

On that specific day, Ayo had came late for lecture, whilst she walked into the lecture theatre, Femi who was seated at the extreme row of the classroom sighted her promptly and beckoned at her with a hand gesture, he had reserved a seat for her. Ayo got the drift and began approaching him gleefully, she was glad that she won’t have to stand for the two hours of the lecture, she had barely walked through the middle of the stairs when Ibrahim blocked her on the way and began throwing advances towards her, she tried walking away from him non-chalantely but he swiftly held her hand and dragged her backward. Ayo seemed uninterested in whatever he had to say, albeit, she didn’t protest much, still, Ibrahim wouldn’t take no for an answer. It wasn’t the first time he had approached her in such manner, though she kept turning down his flows, but Ibrahim was hell-bent on including her to the number of girls whom he had sampled in the department. As though blocking her way wasn’t enough, he moved his hand towards her hair and began twirling it in a romantic way, this singular act got Femi really furious as his heart-beat increased two times faster, his legs shaking vigorously and blood vessels pumping through his veins sporadically. Femi composed himself and suppress his wrath not wanting to create a scene knowing that the consequences of his reaction would definitely lead to his rustication from school.

Ayo forcefully removed his hand from her hair and walked away from him disguistingly. Ibrahim felt embarrassed but he had no worries, since he had dealt with more tougher girls in the past but they later succumbed, hence, her case was nothing but a small challenge. He scornfully observed as she walked towards Femi while trying to shade his embarrassment with a sinister smirk.

Femi feigned ignorance when he saw her coming as though he hadn’t been watching the drama, his heart-beat had suddenly began to subside. He probably wouldn’t have reacted inwardly should it be some guy who had approached her, but for the fact that it was Ibrahim, everything was wrong.

Ibrahim is the son of a popular business mogul based in Abuja. The people who knew him down to the marrow had revealed how he steals his father’s money to live a lavish lifestyle. ‘I.B Money’ as he was dubbed by friends was a kind of celebrity wannabe who changes expensive phones and wears the best designer in town. Ibrahim spends ostentatiously on the ladies in a bid to get them la!d, hence, they kept flocking around him. Rumours had it that he had slept with most girls in the department, and Femi even confirmed one of those tales from a reliable source, since he had also slept with the same girl who was a renowned olosho sharing her veejay to every John, J0yst!ck, and Harry, so long the guy had some cash to spoil her.

Though that happened long ago, even before he met Ayo, and he had since stopped womanizing, or so he felt..

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