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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 24
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They kept arguing before Femi agreed to pee using the bathroom toilet. On getting back to the room, he had already pee on himself with little drops of urine evident on his chinos trouser. This was only the beginning of his trips. Just then, he began twerking his butt0ckz while professing his love for nicki minaj by imitating her dance moves in the anaconda music video. Farooq cared less about his predicament as he fell to the floor rolling in laughter. Azeez then advised him to relax on the bed and stop moving about as that would enable him gain relief easily which he obliged to. It was no longer time for mind games, he accepted defeat knowing that he was indeed high. But Farooq wasn’t satisfied, he wanted the fun to continue.

Farooq then changed his voice to that of a fierce monster, as he attempted to sound like lucifer.

“Femi, Femi, Femi!! This is the voice of satan the devil, you’re being called from the underworld. Sadly, you’ve failed the test of morality, you’re no longer fit to continue existing as a human, hence, I’m revoking your soul to the place where you rightly belong. Come!! Come!! Come!!” Farooq said laughing widely.

Femi yipped in fear thinking he was hallucinating. The voice of farooq kept repeating in his head, and he thought the devil was actually calling on him. Suddenly, he sq££zed himself firmly towards the wall, sprawling his hands awkwardly whilst trying to wade himself against any evil agent wanting to take him to the underworld.

“Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire!!”
Femi thundered repeatedly. He began scratching his body saying he was in hell-fire, then he started confessing all his sins and begged God for forgiveness and said to himself inwardly that should God deliver him from that mess, he would become a born-again christian and never indulge in sinful activities anymore, or so he felt.

At that instance, it seemed as though he fell into a quick trance where he saw himself being hurled into a deep hole without an ending. His head kept spinnig around in an anti-clockwise manner as he delve into the darkest part of the hole. Finally, he fell to the end, but the place was so dark that he couldn’t see himself. He could only move around using his head and hands while his feet were stretched upwards. A dim light suddenly appeared from no where and interrupted his thought, then he could see sparingly, the hole was filled with rats and monster spiders which hung on various webs. The experience was terrifying, Femi was sweating enormously with his heart beating twice faster, he saw the rats approaching towards him in group with their eyes illuminating in the dark. Femi was very scared, he thought the worst couldn’t happen but he was dead wrong. A gaint cloak figure accompanied the rats staring frantically at him, the cloak figure was shapeless and tall with two horns hanging on its head. The strange gaint then squatted and its physique could be very visible this time. It had three huge eyes with few teeth on its mouth and a tiny nostril. The cloak gaint slowly stretched its hands forwards trying to grab Femi then a mighty whirlwind appeared and wrapped around him, before leaping him drastically back to the room where he saw Azeez and Farooq still laughing. They seemed oblivious about his encounter with a strange gaint. At that point, he concluded that it was game over for him, had he knew that the food was spiced with weed in the first place, he would have bluntly rejected the offer, but now he would live to regret his action.

“Madness loading…..80%”
Azeez blurted laughing sheepishly. Indeed, he was having alot of fun, as that was the highest trips he had experienced from someone who was bragging that weed couldn’t have any effect on him.

“I don maya, I don maya oo, I don turn majek fashek!!” Femi muttered lovely above his voice, he sprung up shortly and headed for the door, he tried to unlock it but his efforts were rendered frutile. Femi then rushed towards the window protector and tried to pull it down with the last strength he had. Seeing that there was no hope, he started shouting and wailing for help, while repeating the words that he was about to run mad.

Azeez tried to hold him back but instead, Femi engaged him in a brawl, that was when they knew that his case had gotten out of hand, it was no longer a laughing matter. Farooq soon joined Azeez and quickly held his mouth before he would implicate them. They both bundled him to the bed and conditioned him to sleep which is even worst than him catching the trips. Fortunately, Farooq and Azeez were only helping him to regain quick relief by allowing him to misbehave and mis-yarn, as that would enable him become sane easily. But since water don pass garri, na to allow him sleep sure pass.

Femi complained that he was catching a cold, Farooq then covered him with a thick blanket and cautioned him to avoid talking and just sleep. Farooq was really scared to the bone as he never thought the weed could react so badly on him.

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