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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 26
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Farooq stated how he was very disappointed with Femi thinking he was actually sleeping with her all along, not knowing that they were both doing eye-service.

Femi linked the broke-rich guy theory which Farooq gave to himself and Ibrahim, then he knew for a fact that he had already loosed-guard. Although, he wasn’t a broke butt0ckz nigga, but compared to the kind of wealth which Ibrahim possesses, he could as well be called a broke butt0ckz nigga.

Farooq went ahead advising him that he should forget about Ayo, stating reasons why campus-relationships would only end at the school-gate without actually leading to marriage, and to a large extent, he was right. Trying to keep a serious relationship with girls in higher institutions isn’t worth the stress afterall. Femi began having a re-think concerning his new-year resolution about keeping a long lasting relationship without having to kpansh every girl that came across his path. There is no point forcing somebody to love you when it doesn’t comes freely from the heart. Perhaps, he was wrong all along, it seemed being a playboy is the best option afterall in order to avoid heart-break. Femi then told Azeez and Farooq that he had listened to their contribution, and that he appreciated their opinions, but only time would determine the truth. Just then, he stood up and walked straight to his room to cool down his head without any disturbance, and continue his sleep.


The following day, he woke up in the late hours of the morning, with a very huge Attention on his trouser. The bulge made him a bit uncomfortable as though his J0yst!ck was going to pull-off – if it doesn’t subside anytime soon. The morning Attention was unusual as Mr. John Thomas refused to subside, in fact, it became very turgid and rugged. Obviously, it was the effect of the weed eventhough he was no longer under the influence, but the weed still had last minute effect on his almighty bulala. Femi thought about going to the bathroom to take a cold bath if that would help reduce his stubborn third leg, just then, the unexpected happened.

“Knock, Knock, Knock!!”
Said a tiny feminine voice.

“Who’s there?”
Femi asked perplexed.

“It’s me, Juliet!!”
She said.

“Juliet, oh poo!!!”
Femi blurted inwardly while looking at the condition of his J0yst!ck..

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