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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 27
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Femi immediately felt a massive rush of adrenaline moved around his body in the speed of light. While it was pertinent to underscore that he welcomed her arrival, she came at her wrong timing. Every second passed, his J0yst!ck remained stiffed instead of reducing in size, then it dawned on him that he was up to a show of shame. At that moment, he felt that the ground could just open and swallow him.

Upon seeing that his situation was futile, he had no choice as he made for the door, but that was after he had stylishly covered his erected J0yst!ck using his left hand as he opened the door using his right hand, so she wouldn’t notice the huge bulge in his pants.

Juliet was pleased to see him again, the last time she paid him a visit, they made good loving together, but when Femi attempted to climax, that was when ‘Julie’ decided to drop the bombshell that she was seeing her period. On here that statement, Femi suddenly became weak and his body lost interest in the pre-intimacy. For a fact, he was quite upset with her for even allowing him to kiss and caress her in the first place, thereby putting him in the mood only for her to put an end into what he started half-way. Juliet decoded that he was slightely upset when he stopped replying her, she was pissed and left the room almost immediately. Ever since that incident, the both of them had been avoiding each other like plague, which made it surprising that she decided to pay him yet another visit in the late hours of the morning without informing him before hand. For the record, Femi knew Juliet at a night-club called “Harbour bay.” located at the outskirt of the school, and the rest is history.

“How far?”
Femi said immediately he opened the door. The grin of Juliet’s face suddenly turned into a frown as though she had just successfully scrutinized him.

“Is this how you welcome your guest?”
Julie blurted, as though unsatisfied with the way he greeted her.

Femi then removed his hand from the door, creating a pathway for her to walk inside. Thereafter, he closed the door and joined her shortly, while they both sat on the bed.

“I must admit that you’ve really changed since when I first knew you. It’s almost five months since the last time you checked on me, or even called me on phone. Are you still mad at me about what happened the last time?”
She said.

“Of course! How do you expect me to feel, atleast, you should have told me you were seeing your menses, that way, I wouldn’t have bugged you for S£x in the first instance. You know, it’s never a nice thing to do to a brother.”
Femi complained.

“I’m sorry! Is that why you said to me, How far? As if I’m one of your male friends” Juliet replied.

“Anyway, my apologies. So what could have brought the beautiful Julie to my home this morning?”
Femi said.

“I just came to tell you that I really missed you, and since you’ve refused to see me, I came to see you myself.”
Juliet muttered sexily while moving closer to him.

“You see, ever since that day you left, I have……”
Femi was saying when Juliet shut him up as she planted a wet kiss on his lips. At that moment, he remained still like someone who was struck by lightening. “Say no more, or you think I didn’t see your erected J0yst!ck which you were trying to conceal from me.” She added.
Femi was discombobulated. He remained speechless as his body responded to stimulus, an hyper-active current suddenly flew through his body like that of an electromotive force in a capacitor. His J0yst!ck which had since subsided suddenly began to raise its ugly head again, and he was predisposed to show her what he was made of.

Femi then leaned forward towards her, this time, initiating the kiss as he was on top the situation, as our leaders would always say. He unintentionally placed his hand across her shoulder when the kissing seemingly became deeper and hotter. In no time, they were both rolling on the bed smooching and romancing each other. The fore-play was so intense that they managed to catch some breath. As though unsatisfied, Femi slipped his hands downward and slowly removed her dress, renaming her skirt. Her wonderfully created b0s0m popped out, and then Femi proceeded to kissing the cleavage area without actually removing the bra. After then, Femi used his left hand to unleashed her nip.p.les while he sU-Cked her b0s0m helplessly. At that moment, Juliet started m0an!ng lightly due to the sweetness, the feeling was indeed heavenly. About five minutes later he forgave the nip.p.les and allowed his hands to perform magic, as he began caressing her booby, while pressing the siamese twins against one another in a slow pace and then moved to a higher pace which derived a mysterious feeling that was out of the world. By this time, Juliet was alreay wet in her pusssy, she kept making strange faces while biting her lower lip firmly, and sometimes she would place the tip of her finger on her mouth, and bite it in a seductive way….

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