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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 29
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The pressure had escalated, and the atmosphere was thrown into Sekxual rumble.

“Arrgh!!… I’m so wet, please fvck me now, fvck me now…”
Julie yelled above the tone of her voice, which signified how badly her libido needed the kondo. Femi responded to the call of duty, as he pulled off her skirt in less than five seconds, then he used another five seconds to remove her underwear using his bare teeth. It may seem romantic, but he purposely used his teeth to pull-off her pant, so that he could sniff her ‘veejay’ in order to ascertain whether her pusssy smelled good or otherwise, as the smell of some girl’s [email protected] could be a very big turn off. Fortunately, her pusssy had a very nice smell, and also well shaven for easy access into the promise land.
Femi approximately used a total of ten seconds to fully undress her, then he pulled-off his belt, removed his trouser and shirt and threw them on the floor. Apparently, he had slept with his clothes on since he was very tired the night before. It remained only his boxers and out of impatience, Femi pulled it to his knee level thereby releasing his dragon from prison.

The young man was fully erected as it curved sideways taking the shape of a banana. Before he made an attempt to penetrate her, the thought of “Ayo” swiftly flashed through his mind, but he quickly ignored the thought. It would be correct to say that he wasn’t using his brain to think at that moment, instead, his J0yst!ck was doing the thinking.


Whereas, Ayo had just stepped out of the bathroom and walked into her hostel room, where she met her roommates having a nasty conversation about all the guys they had slept with. They also took turns to insult some guys who act silly when trying to woo them and made a good laugh out of it. The high point of the conversation was when her ‘bunkie’ started counting the number of boyfriends she had and even those disturbing her, and to crown it all, she wasn’t even good looking.

Ayo looked at herself pitily and wondered why she was still single, despite the fact that she got the looks and intelligence. Although, she dreaded relationships after her ex-boyfriend whom she loved so much and gave her virginity broke-up with her for no reason whatsoever. Ever since that happened, she had vowed to keep herself until she’s ready for marriage. Ayo couldn’t join in their conversation since she doesn’t have a boyfriend, besides, she haven’t even had S£x for a very long time. Though several guys had asked her for a relationship including her best friend, Femi, but she turned them down simply becauses she wasn’t ready for the drama that comes with many relationships. But amongst all the guys who have shown interest in her, the only person who seem close to perfection was Femi, but then, she just couldn’t compromise her feelings.

Ayo got dressed and la!d on her hostel bunk, she was still eavesdropping on their conversation without mentioning a word. At this point, she felt guilt reeled over her, as she began reminiscing everything that Femi had done for her, she truly loved him but just didn’t expect him to propose too early, only if he had waited long enough, then, she could get to know him better as she wasn’t ready for yet another heart-break. Well, maybe she possibly over-reacted, Femi was obviously a nice guy, perhaps, he could be different from other guys who only intend to sample a girl and dump her afterwards. Ayo thought to herself as she decided to give him a chance.

Ayo then stood up from her bunk with the intent of paying Femi a visit where she intend to accept his proposal. She had thought about calling him on phone about her coming, but then she changed her mind on a second thought and decided to make it a surprise visit. Ayo then walked outside the hostel premises where she mounted a bike and headed to Freedom quarters, Femi’s Lodge.

On getting there, she adjusted her dress properly and arranged her hair to look her best. As soon as she got closer to the door, she started hearing strange voices, that was when she caught a glimpse of a female leather slippers at Femi’s door-mouth. At that moment, she concluded that something was definitely not adding up. Just then, she slowly flung the door open and barged into the room only to see a strange girl giving Femi a bl.ow job, while the both of them were stark Unclad and sweating profusely…..

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