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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 30
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That moment when you’re desperate to suprise someone, but the person ended up surprising you instead. Such experience could trigger a severe emotional breakdown and psychological depression.

Ayo was shocked, astonished, startled, perplexed, wrecked, astounded, aghast, dismayed, and as a matter of fact, words could barely express how she felt at that moment. She instantly felt cold shiver gushed down her spine in a split second. Femi was shocked to see the person he least expected, at that moment, his morale went all down low, he lost interest in the S£x. Amid tears rolling down her cheek, Ayo retreated out of the room, while shutting the door disguistingly. Femi was depressed, it seemed as though someone sent a big blow to his head, as he couldn’t think straight while he sat back on the bed pondering aimlessly.

A while after, Juliet moved closer trying to pacify him, then he flung her hands away disguistingly, even telling her to leave his apartment, since she was the architect of the whole problem.

Juliet was stunned by his sudden change of behaviour towards her, it was the least she expected from him. She then looked at him by blinking her eyes rapidly in a scornful manner, hissed at him, then proceeded to wearing her clothes while she left the room shortly, leaving Femi in riveria.

Femi found it difficult to believe that what had happened was real. The unfortunate event kept playing inside his head in slow motion. He was very furious by allowing himself to be s£duced by Juliet, which had cost him someone so dear to his heart.

After putting on his clothes, he dialled her number but she wasn’t answering the calls. Soon afterwards, her phone was switched off. He then sent a text message to her knowing that it would be delivered whenever she decides to switch back the phone on. In the message, he begged for forgiveness explaining how the girl tried to s£duce him and he feel for it foolishly. He admitted his error asking her for a second chance hoping to make it up to her.

Later that day, his phone beeped and behold, it was a message from Ayo. It reads “When you came into my life, I was glad that I had found not only a friend but a best-friend and a soul-mate. I never knew you were just like every other guy. I’m really disappointed in you. Henceforth, I choose not to be affiliated with you in anyway whatsoever, and I implore that you forever keep your boundary.” Those were the contents of the heart wrecking message.



Alot had been said and done, Femi continued calling Ayo but she kept bouncing his calls, not wanting to speak with him. She even went to the extent of changing DP’s on her social media platform about guys being wicked and deceptive. At a time, she began posting loved-up pictures of herself and Ibrahim, the Abuja big boy in controversial poses, all in a bid to get back at Femi. It became obvious that she was trying to make him jealous as she always acted lovey-dovey with Ibrahim whenever they were in class, knowing fully well that Femi would notice their public display of affection.

It got to the extent that their fellow course-mates started noticing the sudden changes between the trio but none was bouyant enough to enquire what was happening, except Enemona, who didn’t take the unfolding drama likely. Mona approached Femi on a particular day where he told him not to pretend as though he hadn’t noticed that Ayo had been flirting with Ibrahim of recent, and people were beginning to gossip about them, even mocking Femi for being a loser. It was then that Femi narrated everything to Mona, who in turn reiterated that Femi made a big mistake, but also blamed Ayo for blowing the issue out of proportion.

Femi had since forgotten all about Ayo, as he had deleted her from all his social media platform, even deleting her phone number, except that he couldn’t delete the number from his brain which he had already memorized.

On friday that week, they were all seated in class awaiting the arrival of a lecturer, and as usual, Ibrahim and Ayo were both seated together catching feelings. Ibrahim brought out his iphone 5 while they began snapping selfies. Femi sighted them from the adjacent corner of the classroom where he was seated, but instead of getting jealous or upset, he simply smiled and feigned ignorance as though he couldn’t see them. Although, Femi still had feelings for Ayo but he just didn’t want to be in a competition with anybody. Besides, if she truly loved him, she wouldn’t hesitate to make their relationship work since he had apologized. Perhaps, letting go was the best decision he made, or so he thought.

Shortly, the class-rep mounted the podium to remind the newly admitted direct-entry students amongst them about their matriculation holding the following day, Saturday. And also to remind them that a departmental party would be organised in commemoration with the direct-entry students holding at night, at the hanala hotel. A popular hotel in the school.

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