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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 34
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Immediately they got to the hospital, he met the class-rep who explained everything and said the doctor demanded twenty thousand naira for the operation, and also positioned that they pay half the amount before he would commence service.

Femi was quite restless, he knew something rapid needed to be done to weather the storm. Then, he opened her hand-bag and saw some money inside from where he was able to garner five thousand naira, then he entered an okada to the nearest First bank branch situated inside the school, he met a mammoth crowd at the ATM stand, as he pleaded with the people on the queue who allowed him to withdraw, just as he collected an additional five thousand naira from his account and went back to the hospital to foot the bills.

About then, the surgery started immediately, but not after Femi had agreed to sign a consent form on behalf of her parents. The surgeons had utilized the appendicectomy technique in carrying out the operation, which is a single cut incision in order to remove the appendix. Thereafter, she was given antibiotics while intravenous drips were placed on several parts on her body.
The following day, her father arrived the hospital after driving down from Lokoja, the state capital. Femi got his number from her phone, and had put a call through to him informing him about the unfortunate development. Mr. Michael was very shocked to see his daughter in that condition. After her mother died, Ayo had been the one taking care of her siblings as the first child of the family.

Femi had slept on the hospital’s corridor the night before as there was nobody to look after her. Mr. Michael was very grateful to him as he could barely thank him enough, Femi then briefed him about the doctor’s report, purposely omitting the part where he added five thousand naira to the fee.

Later that day, different group of their coursemates started trouping to the hospital to pay her a courtesy visit, and also to pray with her. Except for Ibrahim who refused visiting. On the other hand, Ayo was too weak to thank all of them for coming, the least she could do was to see who came and respond with a warmly smile. Femi was with her until evening when he went back home after he had given her, her hand-bag together with her mobile phone.



Femi was at his lodge playing P.E.S with Bishop then a Land Rover SUV drove into the compound, shortly, he heard a knock at his door.

“Come in if you’re beautiful!”
Femi said still concentrating on the game before him.

Suddenly, he saw a human figure approaching towards his direction, and without the use of Rocket science, his modus operandi interpreted her to be a female. The closer she walked towards him, he was able to get a clearer view of her physique. The beautiful young lady walked majestically with a well calculated step, just as the restless wind stroke her hair from side to side, her beauty had totally captured his attention. Instantly, he felt butterflies in his stomach, and a thousand thought crossed through his mind in a second.

Femi stood up promptly, they were both staring at each other as though they knew themselves from time past. They both halted, gazing at each other frantically without uttering a word.

“Please, pardon my manners, I’d love if we start over from the beginning. My name is Odunayo, I’m 19years old, and I’m here to ask for your forgiveness.”
Ayo said breaking the silence coupled with a huge grin on her face. Her father who was waiting outside had brought her to Femi’s residence, she had been discharged from the hospital.

“My name is Oluwafemi. I’m 20years old, and you’re forgiven. Go and sin no more!”

Femi replied with a straight face. Suddenly, Ayo’s grin turned into a frown, she looked dejected as she slowly turned her back, and about to walk out of the room.

“Wait! I don’t mean you should leave.”
Femi replied with a bigger grin on his face, as he opened his arms widely to embrace her. Just then, Ayo ran to embrace him as he raised her up in the process. “Must you always have to be funny?” Ayo chipped in stylishly immediately he dropped her down. Like in the movies, their lips got interlocked in a passionate kiss, which made Bishop to cover his eyes while he did the sign of the cross.

“Will you be my lover?”
Femi said as he knelt down on the floor.

“I’ll love you a thousands times, until the end of time.” Ayo replied with a smile on her face, as she held him upright.

“I’m taking you to momma.”
Femi added with a cute wink.


At that moment, Femi was brought back to reality when someone tapped him on his shoulder, only to realize that he had been dreaming all along. He was sleeping in class but woke up to see Mr. Bello Arome standing beside him with a deadly look.

“Young man, leave my class right now!”
Mr. Bello Arome commanded.

Femi stood up smiling, he looked around and saw that all eyes were on him, he shook his head and walked out of the class to the other side of life.


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