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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 12
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Nonetheless, one of the robbers made a silly mistake by giving his cutlass to his ‘partner in crime’ to have in possession, while he made to unplug the remaining phones on the floor which belonged to Bishop and Skipo. As though that wasn’t enough, he also attempted to flee away with the laptop. Then, Skipo made a more sillier mistake as he went after him trying to form macho man, it wasn’t suprising, though, cos the dangana razz mentality was imbedded in his DNA. The kept draggng the laptop while others watched helplessly in fear. It wasn’t long before his partner sent a cutlass approaching towards Skipo’s head, he ducked and got hit on his shoulder, a mighty punch was also sent to his face and then he lost control falling to the ground like a bag of rice.

The successful robbers dashed out of room into the dark and left everyone shocked in collosal awe.

Bishop ran outside searching for help, and one of his neighbours who initially didn’t step out during the strife, came with a first-aid treatment and administered it to Skipo.

After normalcy had returned, the four of them slept with one-eyed open, hoping seriously that the ‘fine boys’ would not come back again to exterminate them.

At about 5am, the following morning, Suzan woke up and also woke her friend Kemi telling her that it was best they leave there that moment. It wasn’t entirely day-break, so, Bishop tried convincing them to wait a little longer, but then, he got the shocker of his life. Suzan started shouting at him, calling him all sorts of name and even accused him of inviting the criminals to come rob them of their phones. The ignorant lady probably forgot that somebody got injured in the scuffle. They left soon enough, but not after she warned Bishop never to come close to her again.

Bishop shook his head pitily after he was done narrating their ordeal. Femi was suprised to hear all that had happen, knowing fully well that he would have been amongst the victims if he didn’t left the party. That was when he narrated what transpired between him and Tracey, and also chipped in the part where she stole his ROLEX wrist-watch. Bishop, however, blamed Femi for not locking the door which gave the thieves an upper-hand, Femi accepted the blame and also blamed him for afflicting himself with – not only street urchins, but desperate and under-age girls with little or no manners. In the end, they all lost something, but he was glad, that his generator survived.

They waited a little longer, and when they were about leaving, they had to meet a nurse who assured them that Skipo would get well as soon as possible, and also tasked them to come along with his school admission letter, that way, the treatment would be free of charge. They promised to do exactly as told, and made to leave the clinic through the exit route, but not after Bishop stopped to collect free condoms from an office. He was that crazy, the deed had been done, but the ministry must move on….

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