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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 17
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There is always a bad omen when right things happen in wrong places. Ironically, the world is wired in such a weird way that people don’t get to choose when and how certain events are bound to elapse.

Femi had always wanted to scold this said lady when next he had the priviledge to meet her again, he was restless, as he thought of the best possible way to approach her without creating a scene. A part of his mind told him to let the issue slide, but he just couldn’t let her go scott-free, atleast, without teaching her a lesson which she would never forget.

“Nigga, na the shawty wey I been tell you about dey chillax over there so..” Femi said pointing towards the lady.

“You mean say na she be the girl wey deny you?” Azeez had retorted with a ‘waffi tone’ while stressing the DENY. “…so wetin be your move?” He asked.

“Tor… Today na her free-day, make I just fash the babe since she dey flex with her guy.” Femi said.

“And so what? If she dey flex with her guy nko?” Azeez thundered slightly raising his voice.

“….shshsh!!!” Azeez then made a squeezing sound while beckoning on her to come with a tone of finality.

The young lady and her supposed boyfriend looked back at him in suprise, and then continued having their fun. Though, it didn’t stop there. Azeez kept making the mundane sound trying to get their attention. Not only did he successfully got their attention, but he also got the attention of everyone present there at the bar. Femi started begging him to die the issue but it was too late; her supposed boyfriend stood up angrily and started nagging at Azeez, and the situation was beginning to get out of control.

The confused lady still didn’t know what was happening, not until she saw Femi whom she recognised immediately. She also took turns begging her boyfriend so they could leave, but neither of them would have none of it. Apparently, the two people who were supposed to be the ones quarrelling, ironically became the ones begging while their accomplies took the issue personally. The ugly scenario was a typical example of “Taking panadol for another man’s headach.” as most Nigerians would always say.

The fued was becomming unbecoming, Azeez had insisted that he wanted to see the girl and warned the boyfriend to back off, otherwise, he wouldn’t hesitate to run him local. People had gathered to separate them, and the server who failed to put the situation under control called the manager of the bar on phone, who swiftly left a nearby function to witness the unfortunate event.

Trouble eventually sparked when the boyfriend threatened to pierce Azeez with a bottle and drag out his intestine, something he wished he never said, because that statement literally added fired to the already burning furnace. Suddenly, Azeez grabbed two empty bottles of Orijin and hit them together, which saw both bottles shattering into pieces, with the edge still in his arms.

It took the intervention of Femi and others who held him firmly before it becomes a case of attempted murder.

The boyfriend ran away while the girl who seemed to be the primary cause of the problem followed him afterwards.

It didn’t take long before the manager arrived the scene with two other guys, as they alighted from a Toyota camry vehicle. They quickly apprehended Azeez and threatened to invite the police to arrest him. People there started pleading on his behalf, including Femi who narrated what had transpired in the first place which later degenerated into the fight.
Azzez sub-consciously pleaded for his release, as tear-drops slowly dripped from his eyes. It was strange to see Azeez cry, and despite the fact that he cried, there was still a look of bravery on his face.

The manager was hell-bent on calling the police, if not that Azeez proved drunk, with a stench of alcohol emanating from his breath. Finally, he was freed, but not after they were asked to pay for damages.

Azeez, together with Femi collectively paid for everything as they made out from “Item 7.” after evading arrest and possible manslaughter…

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