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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 19
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In a perfect situation, when a man becomes hyper-sensitive to the antiques of a woman; it could only mean one thing. He has fallen in love..

Femi jolted out of his thought, and cleared his throat as he answered the call, but then silence spoke from the other end. The silence lasted a little longer and suddenly, the line went dead. Femi became very worried, as he sensed trouble, considering the fact that he had called her earlier that evening, hence – for her to call him back at that particular time meant something was definitely wrong. Femi dialled her number thereafter, and she picked at the first ring, her voice could be heard this time; but she was speaking very slowly with a faint tone, as though shivering.

“Hello! How you doing, hope you’re fine?” Femi blurted immediately.

“I’m not fine. I’m really in a bad situation right now and you’re the only one who I could talk to. I hope you don’t mind.” She said with a tiny voice.
“What’s the problem?, Talk to me!!”
“My roommate locked me outside, and I’m alone, all by myself. I’m really scared!!” Ayo lamented.

“You don’t mean it. Where are you now?” Femi enquired.

“I’m sitting on a lone bench outside my lodge.”
“You know what, just stay where you are. I’ll be with you shortly.” Femi quickly dashed out of his room in the speed of light, and mounted a bike to “Royal’s Garden” which wasn’t too far from his own lodge.

About three minutes later, he arrived at the lodge and met her sitting close to a kiosk, she used her arms to cover her chest as though suffering from a cold. Femi walked closer and sat beside her. Ayo looked downcasted as she could barely stare into his face. Femi then removed his pull-over to cover her body and enquired what happened that she was locked outside. It appeared that the lady who she was squatting with, also an aristo chick had brought home a guy whom she recently went on a shopping spree with and politely asked her to excuse them for about an hour before getting back inside, on which she obligied and did exactly as told. But since Ayo had no where else to go, she opted to sit on the bench, hoping to go back inside in an hour time. Unfortunately, when she went back, the room was under key, she knocked to no response and then called the roommate on phone, but she refused to answer the call, though, she could hear the phone ringing from inside. Ayo had said that she moved towards the window and overheard voices of them making out, that was when she decided to leave and called the only person she knew, Femi.

It wasn’t a time for sober reflection, hence, the need for a drastic action. Without taking into consideration her likely would-be response, Femi told her to pass the night at his place and without hesitation, she yielded to his decision. They waited long enough to get an Okada which then conveyed them to Freedom quarters.

Immediately they stepped into his room, it was dimly illuminated due to the absence of electricity. Femi then went into his kitchenette where he picked a matchstick which he used to ignite a half-burnt candle placed on his reading table. Ayo remained standing – as though not knowing what next to do, then Femi positioned her to sleep on the bed.

After a moment of silence, Femi broke the silence by asking if she was feeling much better and she replied in the affirmative.

Thereafter, he proceeded to his luggage where he collected a blanket and handed it to her as cover. He also collected as wrapper which he barely used, sprayed it on the rug, and la!d down on it together with a pillow. It appeared as though Ayo wasn’t going to show gratitude for his hospitality, just then, she stretch towards his ears and slowly whispered the words “Thank you for being so kind to me.” Femi instantly felt goose bumps all over his body, though, he tried to suppress the delight in his heart with a simple “You’re welcome.” reply even without turning to face her.

Femi who felt fulfilled slept like a baby without any worries, bearing in mind that Ayo will undoubtedly agree to be his girlfriend when he decides to pop the question, or so he thought….

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