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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 23
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The grudge between Ibrahim and Femi started long ago when they both realized that they slept with the same girl in the department. It wasn’t entirely a big deal since the girl was a cheerful giver, but Ibrahim blew it out of proportion knowing that Femi slept with her when he obviously knew he was already pressing buttons before him, which kind of belittle his standard as a suppose abj big boy. Ever since then, Ibrahim had always wanted to get back at Femi, and upon realizing that Ayo was very close to Femi, he decided to strike.

Femi sluggishly stood up for Ayo to enter the space he had reserved for her, and while doing so, she hugged him in the process but Femi acted indifferent as he barely reciprocated the gesture, she could deduce that he was unhappy about what recently happened between her and Ibrahim but neither of them said anything.

Silence ensued afterwards and just then, Mr. Bello Arome made a ghost appearance as he stormed the lecture theatre in commando style, and then he clossed the two adjacent doors which served as the only entrance into the classroom. The boisterous classroom suddenly became calm and co-ordinated. Dozens of students who came a second late and others who had stepped outside to get something were unable to get back inside.

The aggrieved students stood outside hoping that the lecturer would change his mind, but to no avail.

Mr. Bello started the lecture by telling one of his boring cöck and bull story about his university days as an undergraduate, and how students were very serious with their studies unlike now in our own dispensation. This wasn’t unusual as he was fond of gisting for about an hour, whist using the remaining one hour to lecture. Most times, he seldomly completes his core course and then ask students to read on their own. To make issues worst, he set out to conduct an impromptu test that moment, which entails about 30 marks while others outside were deprived of writing the continuous assessment. This didn’t go down well with some male students numbering about five, they [email protected] the classroom door furiously and attempted coming inside, Mr. Bello Arome quickly rose to the occasion and jammed the door back before giving them a stern warning to back off. The students were unsatisfied as one of them pushed the entrance door opened yet again, which saw the stunned lecturer moving backward in shock as he almost tripled to the ground. The other guys acted quickly, then, the remaining students started flooding inside in their numbers, while Mr. Bello Arome stood agap without reacting. After everyone had successfully gotten inside; he dropped the bombshell saying that unless those five guys were singled out, the next time they would see him would be on the day of examination, and then he walked out of the lecture theatre.

The whole place was thrown into tantrum, some students were displeased as they registered their displeasure by lamenting how the lecturer was going to fail students purposely, while others were scared that the action taken by those mischievous students spelt doom. Then, people started departing the classroom in a distasteful mood while others stayed back to see the last of the issue.

Femi complained bitterly having escaped a possible carry-over of a course administered by the lecturer during his hundred level. Ayo was quite inquisitive and perplexed not knowing much about the lecturer, as a direct-entry student.

The class rep was immediately summoned concerning the issue, and after series of intensive discussions and cajoling, the five guys who were the prime students that initiated the onslaught decided that they would pay a courtesy visit to the lecturer, to apologize to him specially, in order not to jeopardize the efforts of hundreds of innocent students who were not guilty.

After the meeting had ended, everyone were a bit relieved since they had concluded to visit the lecturer. Femi then suggested to Ayo that they go to a chilling spot to eat lunch. They walked outside the classroom towards the ‘7up centre and got seated. Femi ordered for snacks and beverages which were the only items sold there. After eating to their satisfaction, they left the store, and Femi began escorting her back to the hostel. Just before she walked inside the hostel, Femi braced himself up and asked her to be his girlfriend, he was pretty sure that she wouldn’t turn down his request, but to his utmost surprise, Ayo complained about not being ready for a relationship since she was still a new student and then implored him to be a bit patient if he truly loved her. Femi’s high expectation suddenly dropped to the lowest minimum. Disappointment was written all over his face but he pretended not to be sad. He didn’t counter her decision, instead, he made her see reasons why they shouldn’t just be friends anymore, but lovers. Ayo acknowledged everything he had done for her but still insisted that he give her some time to think about the request….

However, Femi gave her the benefits of doubt, and didn’t bugged her afterwards. He bid her farewell while she entered the hostel. Femi then mounted a bike and headed to his apartment. On getting to his room, he seemed fatigued, saying he was depressed would be an understatement. Ayo’s refusal to accept his proposal still came as a shock to him. Patience couldn’t have been the case, since he had been patient enough before popping the question which made her excuse seemingly invalid. He la!d down on his bed pondering and trying to decipher where he got it all wrong but he just couldn’t figure it out.

At that moment, he left his room and headed to his neighbours’ room where he met Azeez and Farooq devouring a plate of beans garnished with green leaves.

“Femo! How far na?” Azeez said.
“Baba I just dey here dey patch patch myself together.” Femi replied.

“You na boss naw, so how that your Jackie Appiah girlfriend.” Farooq said referring to Ayo. This was because she actually looked like the ghanian actress, except that she doesn’t have big eyes.

“Na her mata carry me come here sef.” Femi said.

“Wetin dey sup?” Azeez enquired.
“Hmmm…. Na long story.”
“Anyway before you begin tell us wetin hapun, come make we cha dis food together first.” Farooq blurted. He prolly never liked Ayo for no reason whatsoever.

Femi obliged and joined then to eat the sumptuous looking beans. A wrong move which was about to change his life forever……

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