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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 25
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Later that day at about 7:24pm, Femi woke up only to discover that he was the only person in the room, both Azeez and Farooq were no where to be found. He walked towards the mirror and discovered that his eyes were no longer red but his head was still banging hard as though somebody was hitting an hammer on it. He then walked outside and saw Farooq and Azeez carrying weights as usual, on sighting him, they left the weight aside and ran towards him with usain bolt speed.

Femi greeted none of them in particular.

“Hahahaha… Your own na play. Na morning we dey abi evening?” Farooq asked a silly question which Femi stylishly ignored knowing he had just skipped.

“So you go still eat rugged beans again?”
Azeez threw another mouth watering question at him as though expecting a negative response.

“Why not?”
Femi bragged again answering his question with another question,
“Tor… Make we sha enter inside.”

Femi began narrating everything he experienced during his slumber. He talked about how he struggled for hours before he was able to catch some sleep. He said, he kept seeing images of people he knew and those he had never met before in his dream. He would transformed from one stage of his life-time to another, and at a point, he thought everything was real. His mind even transported him way back to childhood memories and he remembered everything just like yesterday. Azeez then told him that it was normal for people to recall childhood moments when intoxicated with weed for the first time, as one could literally reason a thousand and one things in a split second. Femi seconded the explanation saying that was exactly what happened to him. Also, he wished to experience the trips again which he described as ‘amazing’ only that he ate too much of the food, and because he wasn’t aware about the weed at first made the effect to take the better part of him. Hence, he would not hesitate to regulate his guage next time. But despite eating much, he felt a different kind of hunger that made it seem as though he hadn’t eaten for weeks.

Femi enquired if they had any food at home, but they both shook their heads in the negative. It ironical how boyz who are addicted would rather smoke grass and do drugs, instead of using the money to do more pressing things like cooking real food. It’s really pathetic that hemp had actually replaced food for most stoners, because not smoking a day could seemingly be life-threatening.

Anyway, Femi gave Farooq some money and implored him to help buy some food for him which would go a long way in rehabilitating his stomach infrastructure. Farooq went and came back with fried-yam and bean-cake popularly knows as Akara and a bottle of chilled coca-cola beverage. Femi ate to his satisfaction and when asked what he wanted to say about Ayo, he heaved a sigh of relief and began narrating how he met her in the school digital centre, collected her number and they got talking. He got to know that she was homeless, so he took her in – when her then roommate cared-less if she existed. At a time, he even smuggled her course-form alongside his own to a lecturers’ office during clearance for signing, but then the lecturer humiliated him by calling him ‘woman wrapper’ in the presence of his course-mates who were mainly females. He also helped her to secure a space in the hostel without her going through the hostel balloting using the assistance of his friend, Bishop. During the entire time she stayed in his room, she was eating his food, sleeping on his bed while he willingly slept on the coarse rug most of the time. His expenses drastically increased as he was always trying to ensure that everything was in order. And to crown it all, he never demanded for S£x the entire time, which wouldn’t be wrong if he did, since she was also benefiting from him in other ways. He only felt it was paramount to be nice to her and also become her friend before proposing to her but only to be rejected at the end. It seemed as though she ended up friend-zoning him after all he did for her, or so he thought. It was quite touching listening to him as he poured out his heart. It could pass for a playboy turned loverboy who eventually got his butt0ckz dumped. Little wonder it was said in Chris brown’s hit track “Loyal” that when a nigga falls in love, he turns into a pusssy, cos he would definitely go to any length to make the lady happy, though, not putting into considering whether she would reciprocate the gesture by making him happy in return.

Azeez felt indifferent saying she would definitely come back for him if she truly loved him, but Farooq quickly countered that, saying she would do no such thing, while comparing her to every other ‘fresher’ girls on campus who would abandon their broke boyfriend who stood by them when they were ‘JJC, but the moment they start mingling with people, they won’t hesitate to initiate a break-up when a rich guy who is willing to spend more money comes into the picture.

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