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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 6
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Ever being in a position where you assumed that everything was under control only to be appalled by the sudden disruption of power. It only shows that we live in a country where anything goes, so, you always have to expect the unexpected, even in the least expected situation. That was what happened when NEPA did what they know how to do best, little wonder the literal acronym of the word translates to; never expect power always. About then, a ravenous heat was unleased, as the mood of room began to dwindle.

Bishop took advantage of that opportunity, as he excused himself outside to put on the generator, then, he codedly put a call through to his cousin brother, Skipo. Telling him to register at his base with immediate alacrity. But not after he had cautioned him to buy roasted meat, popularly called SUYA on his way coming worth one thousand naira, with the hope that Bishop would remit the money back to him, but he failed to read the handwriting on the wall, because Bishop had no intention of paying back.

For a quick introduction, Skipo was a 300L student, in the department of mass-communication. He resided at the most complex and sophisticated Dangana male hostel. Dangana boys are famous for their “Airborne disease” which literally isn’t an epidemic, but a lousy attitude exhibited by virtually the entire occupants of the hostel. Anybody who intends to visit the hostel should be at watch, in order not to contract the disease, and this is no exaggeration.

Skipo arrived the lodge in no time, and he was just in time cos the party had barely begun. Bishop had earlier briefed him on phone about the groove, and also told him to take charge of the last girl who was later identified as Kemi. Bishop didn’t hesitate to display his DJ’ing skills as he practically became the JIMMY JATT of the gathering, whilst utilizing his laptop as a mixer. He was dishing out banging naija jamz but everyone in the room seemed relaxed, not until he played the hit track “Orobo Suseyin” by the fast rising KSU artiste, OC Green.

The atmosphere automatically changed, they all seemed to have gotten into a frenzy. Femi was the first to take the lead, before others followed, each clasping their hands and slowly opening it sideways, which is the official dance step of the song. Tracey joined Femi as they both demonstrated the dance together. However, Skipo was not left out in the fun as he was busy consuming the palmwine mixed with Mc’dowells. He also fetched some for Kemi which came in large quantity, it appeared he wanted her to get high on purpose.

There was enough SUYA to eat and drinks to consume. Femi had long broken his resolution to abstain from alcohol, hence, sipping a little wasn’t a big deal, but he still decided not to drink above his guage so he won’t get drunk to avoid possible mis-yarning and misbehaviour. The reverse was the case as Bishop and Skipo were drinking as though their lives depended on it. The girls also drank without putting the consequences into consideration. Funny enough, aside Suzan who was a Diploma II student, both Tracey and Kemi were both pre-degree students notwithstanding the fact that they were not fully recognised students of the institution. It wasn’t surprising, though, because these set of students would stop at nothing to attend parties of any kind, whether pseudo or legit.

About 20mins later, the alcohol had began to manifest in them. A mysterious confidence had taken over Bishop, he stopped playing the music, which made the rest of them to lament in disapproval.

“Make una shut up, I know wetin I dey do!” He yelled.

Obviously, he found it monotonous having to change the songs every now and then, so he scrolled through his playlist and selected to play a monster mix by another KSU product, DJ’ slaminjay.

That wasn’t all he had in mind, he slowly made away from the laptop and now paid full attention to Suzan who was caressing him at his chest. It didn’t take long before they started kissing. Thereafter, the both of them moved to the mattrass on the far extreme of the room smooching and romancing with little or no concerns about others watching them.
Skipo capitalized on that opportunity as he pushed Kemi to the wall while caressing her entire body. In the process, she mistakenly tripled and fell to the floor. One would have thought she would get upset, instead, she turned around and sat on his thighs in a cow-girl kind of position.

The party had suddenly taken a new dimension. Bishop grabbed a big blanket to cover himself and Suzan. Just then, he threw away his trousers on the floor, after which a pink-coloured [email protected] followed. Also, Kemi had began to take off her clothes, she removed her top revealing her bra, Skipo was moved by the spirit as he grabbed her booby.

Femi was astonished as he never envisioned such an Intimate escapade. Tracey was anxious, she gave him the “what are you waiting for?” look.

Femi had found himself in a naughty group _threesome.

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