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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 7
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That awkward moment when a house party suddenly turns into a strip club. A vivid caption to the scenary at that moment could pass for an action movie entitled “wild and crazy.” as the room was turned into a parliament of lawlessness. Femi appeared to be the only one who wasn’t comfortable partaking in the boisterous razzmatazz, hence, he decided to change parade. Although, he was a fore proponent of the party in the first instance, but he had not bargained that it become a group S£x romp. In a bid not to appear timid, he quickly came up with a plan which succeeded easily.

“I don’t mean to sound rude, but I’d rather we both go to my lodge. It’s only a block away.” Femi said to Tracey, whispering into her ears.

Tracey had this suspicious look on her face, but still followed him without any protest. Barely had they left the room before she started staggering. It became evident that she was tipsy due to the excessive consumption and combination of Mc’dowells and fresh palm-wine.

Bishop and Skipo were obsessed with the group S£x not to notice when they left the room, sounds of indistinctive m0an!ng could be heard as they slowly walked passed the window, leaving St’ Valentine’s Lodge.

Femi gave Tracey a helping hand as she seldom walked properly, he carried her arms across his shoulder trying to balance her movement. It was quite a herculean task keeping her on a straight pace as they made to his apartment. On getting there, he made her lie on his bed whilst he looked for his chargeable lantern since there was no electricity at that moment. He soon found the lantern and then placed it on his reading table, before proceeding to lock his door.

Femi shrugged and heaved a sigh of relief, he stared directly at Tracey who la!d helplessly on the bed like a log of dead wood. He walked towards her and sat on the bed closely beside her, she was smelling drunk which he could perceive from her breath whenever she made a pout trying to kiss him. Femi remained calm trying not to rush into action. He paused for a while admiring the pretty young lady whom he barely knew anything about, the thought of having S£x with a girl under the influence just didn’t seem right. He had mixed feelings whether to take advantage of her situation and have S£x with her or allow her to sleep through the night without touching her. Whilst he was still battling with his thought, an imaginary red-headed beast appeared interrupting his thought. The ugly looking creature with two horns advised him to bleep her without showing mercy. Suprisingly, before he could have another thought, Tracey sprung up from her lying positing and started making advances towards him. Just like magic, their lips became interlocked in hot kisses which climaxed into french kissing. Femi seized the opportunity to caress her entire body regardless of her drunken state of mind.

The pre-intimacy became more intense which sparked the romantic affair into another level. Femi continued smooching and kissing her both on her cheek and neck, as against the usual lips collition. After a reasonable period of love making, he successfully pulled off her clothes to behold her confident b0s0m which were turgid and rugged. He kissed and massaged her b0s0m with an ounce of impunity while she yipped in ecstasy.

“Bleep me hard!! Make me happy!” Tracey muttered sexily grabbing his right hand and rubbing it around her pusssy region. She was already wet down there as a liquid substance had moisted her jean trouser. The both of them were sweating profusely due to the absence of electricity, but that wouldn’t deter him from having his way with her, in fact, nothing could stop him now, not even his conscience, or so he thought.

Femi made to unzip his trouser but then the unexpected happened. A bearded man wearing white robe with large features also appeared in his thought, and warned him not to take advantage of her, before disappearing almost immediately. Femi was stunned, his body temperature drastically reduced to the lowest degree, his erected J0yst!ck subsided as he lost interest in the S£x. He came back to his senses and recalled how Tracey had been acting desperate despite being a stranger to him, he have had S£x with several girls in the past, but not without protection, beside, everything happened so quick which made it – too good to be true. What if she become pregnant, what if she has an infection, what if she has an hidden motive. These ‘what if’s, however, spelt doom for him and he wasn’t prepared to take the risk.
Femi left his trouser zipped, he retracted from her body and wore a worrisome look on his face.

“Baby, what’s the problem, why the sad look, do I stink?” Tracey asked a million questions at the same time, she didn’t seem drunk anymore. Femi fought the urge not to reply her questions, but after remaining silent for a while, he made an unexpected remark.
“I’m not your baby. Just go to the bathroom and wash yourself up” He said. “By the way, you don’t stink” He added.

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