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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 9
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A wise man once said; keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. But he probably wasn’t wise afterall, as he clearly didn’t state how to distinguish between a friend and an enemy.

A beautiful morning was about to become ugly. Femi was oblivious that the young lady whom he had harboured in his apartment over the night would suddenly become a drama queen. It all started when Femi woke up to discover that Tracey was not on the bed anymore. He was dead scared as fear gripped his heart, thousands of thought crossed through his mind in a split second which prompted him to react awkwardly. A reflex action took over him as he sprung up from the bed instantly with the fear of the unknown, perhaps, he had made made love to a witch who then transformed into creatures to flee out of his apartment, or so he thought.. Suddenly, a thin voice spoke.

“Are you searching for me?” Tracey blurted with a straight face while sitting on his reading chair. She wasn’t smiling, neither was she frowning, her facial expression could best be described as “Static”
Femi became calm and relaxed upon seeing her, he thought the worst couldn’t happen but he was dead wrong. What caught his attention was the way Tracey was hitting her feet on the floor in a furious manner, hence, the fear persisted.

“What’s your problem, and why are you hitting your feet like that?” He said hoping for the best, but he got the worst.

“You’re my problem oo, shebi you forced me to your room To Molest me because I was drunk abi?” Tracey fired at him. Femi was discombobulated as he stared at her with disbelief.

“Don’t be ridiculous! I have no idea what you’re talking about. As a matter of fact, you’re spewing gibberish” Femi retorted trying to act a gentleman, but Tracey would have none of that as she continued acting strange.

“Now where’s my money?” She demanded stretching her hand forward while raising her voice. It appeared as a joke at first, but was becomming very serious. She meant every single word.

“Are you mad, what money are you talking about?” Femi asked getting slightly irritated.
“Oh! You should’ve thought about that before sleeping with me, or you think I’m some cheap hoe whom you can just use and dump the following morning. Today, we’re going to know who’s mad between the both of us. It became obvious that she was still pained that Femi resisted her Sekxual advances which made her to look unattractive and worthless, hence, she resulted to labelling those allegations against him.

First of all, Femi didn’t forcefully bring her to his apartment. Second of all, he didn’t even have S£x with her. Therefore, the idea of her nagging and crying foul play wasn’t only inconsequential but intolerable. Above all, demanding for money for a supposed Molest turned S£x which never existed didn’t only made her appear as a LovePeddler, but also a confused one.

All hell was let loose as Femi would tolerate none of her madness anymore. He stood up promptly and landed her a thunderous slap on her face, that kind of slap that is capable of resetting one’s destiny. Every iota of likeness which he once had for her had suddenly turned to hatred. Femi is the type who wouldn’t raise his hand on a lady, but again, he had been pushed to the wall, hence, he had no choice.

The squabble degenerated into a fracas. Tracey gripped him on his neck while trying to choke him, but when she discovered that it wasn’t working out, she attempted to bite him on his chest, but Femi being pro-active gave her another two death-defining slaps in a rapid succession which sent her off balance. Tracey immediately let go of him, but it didn’t stop there. She began raining curses on him and threatened to report him to her boyfriend who she claimed was a system guy. Funny enough, she even had a boyfriend and never informed Femi, then she tried trapping him into having S£x with her and when he resisted, she became upset and labelled conflicting allegations against him. Everything didn’t seem to add up which made her to appear more confused, just like Nairaland feminist.

After all her antiques failed woefully, she began crying in an attempt to buy his empathy. Tracey started begging him not to be offended, that she over-reacted simply because he sternly rejected her advances believing that all guys are S£x-freak and that they can’t reject any lady who offer them free S£x which made her to appear more like a cheap LovePeddler.

For a moment, Femi regretted not having S£x with her at all, but then, he was glad that she quickly showed her true colours before he made the mistake of asking her out, since she obviously didn’t possess the qualities of a girlfriend material. Again, he felt pity for her, but then, the deed had already been done, he couldn’t accept her back.

After a while of total silence, Femi opened his door and asked her to leave his apartment. As expected, she angrily grabbed her hand-bag and stormed out of the room after creating a scene of foolishless out of herself.

Femi heaved a sigh of relief, and sat on his reading chair. About then, he discovered that his ROLEX wrist-watch was missing and Tracey was the only suspect. Femi picked up his phone and dialled Bishop’s number to enquire if Tracey came to his lodge but his phone was switched off. He also called Skipo, but his phone was also switched off.

Femi knew for sure that their phone batteries couldn’t be dead at the same time, due to the availability of generator power over the night. He thought something bad could have happened, as he concluded to go find out for himself, and he actually thought right, cos there was indeed a problem….

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