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Story: The University Village - Season 1 - Episode 31
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After the class that day, student were trouping out when Mona approached Femi asking if he would attend the party but he declined. He further enquired if it was because Ayo would be there, which was true. Femi tried to wade-off the claim by giving flimsy excuses about why he won’t be able to attend the party, but Mona wasn’t convinced as he purposely coerced him to be there regardless of the situation. However, Femi made a compromise and promised to be there, but then reiterated that nobody should expect anything unusual from him, he lied.

They say time flies when you’re having fun. The much anticipated departmental party had finally started, the newly admitted direct-entry students who were fifteen in numbers, including Ayo were specially hosted in the event centre of Hanala hotel. A stand-by DJ was there playing best of naija and international jamz, also a customised textbook cake was designed to celebrate the matriculating students. There was plenty of alcoholic drinks to celebrate the day, notwithstanding the two shisha pot placed on the round table. As would-be expected, the well-wishers who were also students in the same department sat around a table, while the celebrants assembled themselves on another table, just opposite each other, while a wide space at the centre separated them.

The show proper had started, the master of ceremony invited all the celebrants to cut the cake, and while that was going-on, Ibrahim stood up to spray them some bundles of naira notes which got him a boisterous cheering and applaudes, especially from his clique of friends. Thereafter, the M.C introduced a game where a celebrant would be picked to choose somebody to play with. Fortunately or unfortunately, Ayo was selected while she choosed Ibrahim to play with her, Ibrahim mounted the stage, alongside Ayo. The MC then dared Ayo to unzip Ibrahim’s trouser and sU-Ck his J0yst!ck without him protesting, unless he would bail himself with the sum of two thousand naira. Ibrahim quickly opted for the latter, he then brought out two thousand naira notes from his wallet and quickly bailed himself. That wasn’t the end of the drama as the MC gallantly told him to replicate same gesture on Ayo, unless she bails herself out. She seemed very uncomfortable with the idea as she protested, but the MC and crowed would have none of it, she was however compelled to allow Ibrahim unzip her trouser and thrust his hand into her pusssy, also revealing the colour of her pant. The crowd kept clamouring for the eager Ibrahim to do it, but Ayo remained otherwise. Every attempt Ibrahim tried to get closer to her, she kept shifting backward in a sluggish manner. When then MC noticed her lukewarm behaviour, he resolved that she pay the sum of 2k as fine which she couldn’t afford, but after much delay, Ibrahim got tired and decided to pay for her.

The master of ceremony was definitely smiling to the bank as those money were going into his pocket. Immediately they both sat down, two strange guest arrived the party both clad in marching all-white outfit. Everyone suddenly concentrated on the yet to be identified guest as though they were intruders. Alas! It was Femi and Sophia, the olosho girl who Ibrahim and Femi had both ‘sampled’ in their department.

Femi word a complete white vickers trouser, a while top, a white air-max shoe and a golden chain to follow, which made him appear more like a celebrity gangster. On the other hand, Sophia wore a beautiful white dress, a white mini-bumshort and a white all-star shoe with a touch of pink. Indeed, she looked incredibly breathtaking. Their matching outfit caused a minor uproar as they got a standing ovation. They practically stole the moment, if not the show and some people were not happy about the development.

Femi quickly surveyed the area, sighting Mona, sitting beside some rough niggas in the department, they were all smoking dope. He walked towards the niggas, where two chairs were provided for him and Sophia. Directly opposite them was Ibrahim and his crew smoking pot and tobacco. It was more like a tag-team trying the out do the other. Amongst the items on the table were, Orijin Can, Mc’dowells, Squardron, Magic moment, Baron et all. Sophia collected a can of Orijin, while Femi made a mixture of magic moment, Baron, and Mc’dowells together for his drinking pleasure. The party continued with the celebrants dancing together, but one person felt unease, that was Ayo; she kept staring at Femi stylishly as if envious, and Ibrahim was quick to notice her countenance. Meanwhile, Sophia collected dope from one of ‘dem boyz as she ‘bla’ like a pro. Femi was impressed with her bad-girl attitude, then he purposely collected the half-smoked skunk from her and finished the killer. Something wasn’t adding up, since Femi wasn’t a stoner, he was obviously acting a bad-boy role to let Ayo know that leaving him didn’t make him less happy, and that there was somebody who appreciates him despite his flaws….

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