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 - Season 1 - Episode 18
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A nurse came into the room and checked his I.V.

“Can I go now?”
he asked her. She laughed.

“Wow. You area tough one. But…no, you can’t leave. The doctor is concerned that you might have internal bleeding. He wants to keep you here overnight for observation.

[b] “What’s wrong with me?”

“You have a sprained wrist and a few broken ribs, other than that, we don’t know. If you need me for anything, just push that red button.”

She smiled at him and left. At least she was nicer than the last nurse he encountered. He couldn’t blame them for bad moods though; nurses had a right to be pissed off. Crappy hours, whiny patients, not enough pay.

Will’s mouth dropped open in surprise when Kieran, Murphy, and Kieran’s great uncle Gilroy entered the room.

“What are you doing here?”
Will asked.

“The hospital called,”
Kieran said.

“How did they know who to call?”

At this, Kieran laughed.

“Apparently, friend, you kept asking them to call me.”

“I don’t remember.”

“I told you to be careful on that death-trap bike,”
Gilroy grumbled from the corner.

“It was a d--n cat.”

Murphy and Kieran both laughed. Kieran pushed his chair over next to Will’s bed.

“How do you feel?”

“Like I got thrown off a motorcycle.”

“Where were you going anyway?”
Murphy injected.

“To help Brennan with some cargo. He must still be waiting!” Will said, trying to sit up. His ribs sent searing pain up and down his abdomen. He winced and fell back again.

Kieran said. “It’s eight o clock at night. Brennan had his cargo in at noon.”

Will said softly. “Did it go smoothly?”

“Well, Brennan called me half an hour after he talked to you,”
Kieran explained. “He told me he talked to you, but you never showed up. The exchange went smoothly, but Brennan said it would’ve helped if you were there. The hospital didn’t call until around five. So we ate dinner then got over here.”

“I’m sorry,”
Will said. He was apologizing for worrying Kieran. He could see the effects of worry on Kieran’s face. Neither of them could address it directly though.

So Kieran just waved the apology away.

“The nurse told us you should stay overnight,”
Kieran continued.

“Yeah. sU-Cks.” Will paused for a moment. “Could you do me a favor?” Kieran nodded in response, so Will continued. “Could you bring me a change of clothes tomorrow? Apparently my other clothes got torn up in the accident.”
* * *

Riley was surprised when Kieran called a meeting after Will’s accident. He thought the boss would need a day or two to re-coop from the shock. But Kieran called the meeting for the very next day. Riley blamed Brennan for the accident. If that dumbass was competent enough to do his own job, Will never would have been involved. Brennan and Fynn probably just played grab-a-s all day. At least Nolan had connections. But that was to be expected, since he was older than all of them, probably older than all of them put together. Riley was always surprised to see how ancient some of the O’Meara relatives could be.
He was also surprised because Kieran didn’t talk much, and Will usually ran the meetings. Perhaps Murphy was finally going to grow a pair and be a temp. for Will. Riley liked Will. Will was genuine, and also had to fight for his place in the family. Riley, like Will, always got s--t for being an outsider.

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