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 - Season 1 - Episode 19
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Riley was a good judge of character. He had to be. He wouldn’t have made it this far if he was a bad judge of character. He understood that he was a little rough around the edges, but it was also a characteristic that made him good at his job. He rarely got attached to the men he recruited. Riley had to stay objective in order to make the right decisions. But perhaps his roughness also had its downsides. Maybe that’s why he had trouble getting a girl. And if his mom didn’t stop complaining about his lifeless love life, he was going to snap and throw himself on a bridge yelling his mom’s name and sticking out his middle fingers.

He was going to bring one of the two men he was actually fond of in his work to the meeting; his assistant, Winchester. Riley doubted his name was actually Winchester, but he always felt weirdly uncomfortable whenever the subject was broached. So he just accepted Winchester. The meetings were always held in the O’Meara family mansion. He pulled his car into the driveway with Win in the front seat.

“For some reason, coming to this house always makes me uncomfortable,”
Riley said, trying to navigate the driveway.

“I know what you mean. There are always workers around the house.”

“It’s like a d--n plantation.”

Win laughed. Riley parked the car next to rose bushes.

“Is this an acceptable parking spot?”
Winchester asked.

“I’ve decided to make it one.”

The two men walked up to the door, which opened before they even reached it.

Riley was slightly creeped out. A small, sturdy older woman led them to the meeting room. Riley had been in the room countless times for countless hours, but he still could spend hours wandering around the house and never find it. The woman led them to the door, and nodded to them. Riley entered, noting how it never changed. It had a conference sized table in the middle, with huge comfortable chairs all around it. Neither ends of the table had chairs, and only one end was ever occupied by Kieran. They all had their own spots to sit at too.

Brennan and Fynn were already present, and Fynn had brought along his right hand man. Riley said hello to the three men, shaking their hands firmly. Riley always felt like everything had to be a pissing contest with these guys.

Pretty soon, Nolan and his assistant, a blond haired woman joined them as well. Riley could tell the blond was a hard-hitting P.R. rep.
Her handshake was even harder than Nolan’s. Murphy joined them. And finally Kieran joined them with a woman in tow.

Riley’s mouth fell open, as did everyone else’s mouth at the table. It was Madden. Madden was Kieran’s ex-girlfriend. She had dark red hair, green eyes, beautiful skin, and a full mouth. But the woman was a battle-ax. Riley shuddered.

“ Oh s--t,”
Riley groaned to Win.

He thought back to about a year ago, when they almost got into a war with one of their suppliers. During an emergency meeting, Madden was brought in. She got to business with hard negotiations and tempting offers. She played every card correctly in order to avoid the war and ease bad relations.

And even after she was done, Madden ripped every person in the room to shreds with her sharp tongue. Every man in the room except Kieran left without his manhood intact.

“Does everyone remember Madden?”
Kieran asked them, taking his place at the head of the table. Their groans made her laugh. Riley guessed Madden would be Will’s temp.

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