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 - Season 1 - Episode 21
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Kieran looked at Nolan’s assistant. “Who is joining you today Nolan?”
“My new assistant Debbie.”
Kieran said with a smile. “Okay then, getting down to business.” Kieran nodded at Madden. Riley shuddered again.

“I hope everyone is doing better at their jobs,”
Madden said.

Riley felt like slapping her. And he never felt like hitting women. Other than his mother. But he supposed she counted as more of a terrible, happiness-eating demon than a woman. Maybe this Madden chick was taking private lessons from his mom.

“Okay then. This meeting is about state-of-affairs. As you all know, and as I have been briefed, Warehouse 7 had been confiscated by the police. Will and Mr. O’Meara here have obtained information from Carl Swindler concerning Mrs. Martha Flannery. A contact informed Mr. O’Meara that the tip about the warehouse was received in the form of a note.”

Riley asked.

“Magazine cutout.”
Madden answered, her eyes focusing on Riley. “That’s the all the information known right now about the warehouse.”

Riley noticed Winchester was taking notes. When Riley gave Win a look, he just shrugged in response.

“So, now you are all updated about those activities. Now it’s everyone else’s turn to reciprocate.”
Madden said. “Let’s start with Brennan.”

Riley smiled. He knew how this would go. They would all stick to the facts. Leave opinions out of it. Purely business… but had to be truthful business. Lying was out of the question.

Riley witnessed someone lie to Kieran once. He got a chill thinking about it. It was a man who had lied to Kieran about how he had spent money Kieran had loaned him. Kieran had only sighed and then gave Will a hand signal. The man was happy he got away with his life, even if he did have to reside at the hospital for a week.

“We got a new shipment in yesterday from the Russians,”
Brennan said. Sticking to the facts. Staying objective. “It was a successful transaction- so a good day.”

“…Other than the fact Will was in an accident,”
Kieran commented.

Brennan opened his mouth, than closed it. Awkward silence filled the room.

Andthatis what happens when you speculate, you dumbass,Riley thought, rolling his eyes. Stick to the facts!

Madden snapped at Brennan.
So Brennan proceeded. He told them all the figures for the goods they had in stock. Riley wasn’t listening. He had no care or knowledge with the goods the family brought in. Riley only worried about all the personnel and contacts he had to recruit. If someone that Riley recruited was unsatisfactory in Kieran’s eyes, it also reflected poorly back on Riley.

So he was very selective. Carl Swindler received more punishment after his little talk with Kieran. Trying to withhold information was cowardly, so in response, Riley and his trusted few (including Win) paid Swindler a little visit.

At least Brennan was speaking objectively now. He offered no more speculation.

And neither did Fynn, when Fynn was asked to update the group about the monetary state of affairs. Once again, Riley didn’t pay attention to Fynn’s presentation. Riley was already trying to gather his thoughts about the personnel in the mob. He had to make an effort not to use words like “gangsters” or mob, or even the different rank names for that matter. Kieran liked to view them like employees. Riley looked at Win and used his head to gesture towards Win’s briefcase.

Win understood the command and pulled out all the numerical facts and figures, and though they were all Win’s notes, none of the assistants were granted any authority during the meetings.

So Riley looked over Win’s notes for a few minutes. When he got bored of reviewing, he looked up and glanced around the room. Brennan was looking at his right hand intensely. Fynn’s assistant was looking over notes while Fynn spoke.

Madden was scowling at Fynn, which Riley guessed was probably just her normal facial expression. Nolan was watching Fynn with a stare that told Riley the older man probably wasn’t listening at all. Although, Nolan’s blond assistant was taking notes.

Murphy was taking notes as well, probably for Kieran. Murphy would always compile facts and figures at the end of the meeting for Kieran.
And Kieran was listening to Fynn politely.

Things seemed to be going normally until after Fynn was done, when Madden told them it was time for a break. And Kieran looked over at Riley.

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