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 - Season 1 - Episode 27
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“Well, Riley, you should remember from the meeting that I found a big client.”


“And we went today, to sell to that client.”


“But we were ambushed on the way to the POE by the d--n Westside assholes.”

He knew POE meant point of exchange, but Riley was still confused.

“Shut up and listen. We were ambushed, robbed of the goods, and sent home on our asses because someone YOU let in is a f-----g snitch, double-sided a-s-wipe, and when I get my hands on him he will wish you never hired him!”

“Wait, they took the goods?”

“Yes. And sold to the client. He called to give his d--n regards! We look like a bunch of jackasses!”

Riley ruffled his own hair in frustration.


“That’s right dear friend. Great judgment, a-----e.”

“Hey! Shut the hell up. How do you even know it was one of my guys?”

“Who else would it be?”
Brennan yelled.

Riley actually considered the question, aside from the fact he wanted to punch Brennan’s whiny b---h-a-s in the face.

“I think we have to consider the fact this could be orchestrated by the same person who sold out warehouse 7,” Riley said with a concentrated frown.

“Right, and my grandmother helps Santa Claus deliver presents every year.”

“Shut up Brennan!”
Riley yelled. Brennan was pissing him off. “Have you called Will and Kieran?”

“Of course.”

“Good. They’re coming?”


“At least I’ll be able to talk to a rational, intelligent person then,”
Riley said, walking out the door to Brennan’s office. He heard Brennan cursing him out through the walls.

* * *

Will was fascinated. He had awoken to the sound of laughter, and found Kieran getting ready to go out. Since Will’s bike was in the shop, and he was still injured, he had planned on staying with Kieran for at least a week. Kieran had insisted. And Will had stayed with Kieran for extended periods of time before.

But never had Will woken up on the weekend to find Kieran ready to go to the park.

So now Will was sitting on a bench next to the park’s playground. Murphy and the chauffeur were back in the car still. It was a brisk day, since it was November after all. And Will felt dumb wearing the sling under his coat, but his wrist was still giving him hell. His ribs weren’t being much better. Will had to take pills to help him sleep for the past three days.
But he was fascinated watching Kieran, Lia and Lilly. Lilly was running around the playground laughing, while Lia chased her. Kieran was sitting nearby, looking relaxed and… happy even. Will hadn’t seen Kieran enjoying himself like this in a long while. And Kieran was watching the two girls very fondly. Will realized that hehadwitnessed Kieran growing a particular tenderness in regards to Lia.

And here they all were, enjoying a day in the park- despite the fact the skies were overcast and gray. Will shifted position on the park bench, as dead leaves swirled around his feet in the wind. He glanced over his shoulder when he heard someone approaching. It was Murphy.

Will noticed Murphy’s face was slightly pale and his expression was drawn. He sighed as Murphy came hurrying up to him with a phone. There was a reason he had left his phone in the car, however; Murphy’s expression told Will that something seriously wrong had occurred and that he wouldhaveto take this call. Murphy held out the phone to Will, and Will took it with his available hand.

Will said.

“It’s Brennan.”
It had to be Brennan to ruin the day. “We have a problem,” Brennan continued, jumping right into the issue. Will hated the fact he never had a transition period to deal with these d--n crises. He would be relaxed or enjoying himself one rare moment, and the next he would be running down the hall in his pajama pants trying to avoid a gang war or trying to get Kieran out of harm’s way.

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