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 - Season 1 - Episode 30
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Monica was beginning to get angry at Trevor.

“You idiot! Do you have any idea how rare this opportunity is?”
Monica yelled into the phone.

“I think one act of violence is enough for one day,” Trevor responded.

“No. It won’t be enough!”

“The man leading the operation looked pretty pissed, lady. The war will probably start tonight.”

“You are a weakling, you dumbass. If you want to win this war, which you expressed to me as an objective, than you must listen to me. It’s no wonder you aren’t higher in the ranks,”
Monica said disdainfully.

“Shut up you b---h!” Trevor responded.

“No you shut up, you ball-less b-----d.

They won’t begin a war that easily. I know them better than that. You have to do this as well. Because right now it sounds to me like you want to start this war, but not win it… Have to be ruthless to win.”

“You wouldn’t understand. There’s a code to these things, chick.”

“F--k the code!”
Monica yelled. “Do it. Or I’ll sell you out to your men and your boss. What will they think about this?” She heard him sigh on the other end of the phone line. Monica could sense he was beginning to break.

“It’s wrong, even for this business. But I have no choice I guess,” Trevor said. Monica smiled.

“Good. Do it. I already forwarded you the address. Call me when it’s over.”

Monica hung up the phone. Dan was now smoking a cigarette, the smoke being blown around by the wind. After he was done, they went down into his apartment.

“What’s going to happen, Monica?”
Dan asked.

“They’re going to do it.”

“Do what?”

“The shooting. It’ll start the war for sure.”

“You better watch out, girl. You’re walking a thin line. You might end up completely destroying the empire you want to take over.”

“It won’t be much, Dan. Just a little sign to the leaders.”

“And Will? He’s there?”
Dan asked with a frown. Monica had been looking at herself in the mirror. She turned to face her lover.

“He won’t be harmed,”
she said aggressively, trying to reassure Dan. It didn’t work.

“You can’t guarantee that! You have no control over them. I can’t let this happen to him, he’s still my brother!” Dan said, grabbing his coat and heading for the door.

“Dan, stop!”
Monica yelled, running over to grab his arm. He shrugged her off.

“If you do this, I’ll have to take measures you won’t like,”
Monica said sinisterly.

“Like what?”
Dan said, finally stopping. Her tone had hooked his interest.

“You might give away my position by warning them. I’ll have to take measures accordingly. I might have to do something to your brother.”

“Don’t you dare!”
Dan snarled, turning around and grabbing her shoulders.

She was taken by surprise as he pushed her against a wall.

“Get off of me!”
Monica yelled.

“Don’t hurt him.”

“Then don’t do anything stupid.”
There was silence in the room for a long while.

Dan was thinking things over.

he said eventually. “But I’m going to watch. I have to make sure he’s okay.”

“And if he’s injured?”

“If he lives, I’ll stay in the shadows. No one will ever know.”

“It’s risky, Dan.”
Monica still didn’t like his plan.

“But I have to go. I just have to make sure.” The resolve in his eyes told Monica she was unable to stop him.

“If you do anything to jeopardize my mission…” She didn’t even have to finish her sentence. Dan pushed his lips against hers, still pinning her to the wall. Then he was gone. Monica still had hers eyes closed from the kiss. It had made her hot. She walked over and reapplied her lipstick, realizing it would really sU-Ck if she had to punish Will. Monica had actually grown fond of Dan Reedus.

* * *

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