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 - Season 1 - Episode 31
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Riley was growing restless. They had been discussing their course of action for nearly three hours now. Deciding which kind of warning to send to Ad Hoc proved to be harder than they thought. Every little thing had an implication. Riley knew Will was trying to avoid war as much as possible. Who could blame the guy though? If it did come to war, Will would be the one who would have to deal with everything. Kieran usually just made executive decisions, while Will had to manage so many other things. Riley rubbed his forehead. It was now nearing evening. Their stomachs were beginning to rumble, which is perhaps why tensions were mounting.

“No. No violence toward their living assets,”
Will said to Brennan. Riley noticed Brennan couldn’t empathize with Will’s situation. He just kept pushing violence.

“What else then? They seem to be content just taking our drugs and kicking our asses. Who knows if they even have any of their own? Maybe they’re going to slowly drain us of our income.”
Brennan responded.

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“Is it easy having your job and being a pacifist, Will?”
Brennan smirked at Will. Will slammed his good fist on the arm rest and stood, both fists clenched.

“You’ll be kissing my a-s before this is through,” Will spat back.

Kieran scolded. Will looked over at his friend. Kieran shook his head, so Will backed down and slowly sat again.

Riley personally wouldn’t want to fight Will- even if he was injured.

“…Like his injured-a-s could hurt me,”
Brennan said to himself.

“Brennan, don’t tempt me to let him, because, I assure you, he could,” Kieran responded. The rest of the men in the room snickered. Brennan pouted.

And then, high pitched very loud noises filled the air. The sounds were followed by other sounds, like, windows breaking and men screaming. Will and the others instinctively hit the ground. But Kieran couldn’t. He was still in his chair. Riley watched as Will crawled over to his friend, while Kieran unbuckled the belt keeping him in the chair. Will was about to pull his friend down, when Kieran’s head was thrown to the side, and he went tumbling from the chair. He was hit. Will screamed, and hurried to Kieran’s side. Riley crawled over as well, following Will’s lead.

“S--t! Kieran!”
Will screamed, grabbing his friend. Kieran moved, pushed himself up on his elbows to look at Will. Riley could’ve cried he was so happy. The right side of Kieran’s face had been grazed by the bullet. It had run along his cheek and taken off a part of his ear, but he was okay. Blood ran down his face.

Kieran was okay, but nonetheless, Will looked extremely pissed off. Riley watched as Will pulled out a gun from his ankle holster with his good hand. Will looked at Riley and Murphy and nodded towards the front room. Riley nodded back, but Murphy seemed frozen solid.

So Riley followed Will out into the front room. The shooting had stopped. All the windows had been broken in. All the men were on the floor, either wounded or covering their head defensively.

Will signaled to Riley to head towards the front door. Riley did as he was ordered. Will was his superior. Riley got into position next to the front door. He pulled out a pistol from his shoulder holster and looked back to Will. Will was peeking out the window cautiously.

Nothing happened as he surveyed the outside surroundings. Finally, he gave Riley the signal to move out. Riley’s arms were shaking, but he opened the door slowly. Unfortunately, the guards outside were dead. Riley was crouched down, and swung out into the doorway, holding his pistol out in front of him. It was completely silent on the street other than a dog barking. Riley stood, and pushed the door open the rest of the way to look over at Will. When Will made eye contact, Riley nodded.

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