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 - Season 1 - Episode 32
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Will spoke. “Seems to be all clear.”

A gunshot rang through the air. The men all covered their heads again, and Will dropped to the floor. Riley, though, felt a searing pain ripping through the flesh on his right leg, sending him spinning. He crashed into the doorframe and leaned over to grab his leg. Sticky wetness crept through his fingers.

He had been hit. Upon further investigation, Riley noticed it was shallow.

“Get down!”
Will yelled to Riley.

“Not necessary,”
Riley responded. “The shot came from in here.” Riley looked around the room and spotted a man close to his right whose hands were shaking and gun was smoking. The rest of the men looked at him.

“I- I’m so sorry…”
the man stuttered, he was pale, and staring at the rip in Riley’s jeans which was staining his calf red.

“Go home,” Riley said to the man, sighing.

The man ran out the door and disappeared into the night. The idiot had basically pissed himself. Riley’s men were starting to make him look bad. Will walked over to Riley.

“You okay?”
Will asked.

“Just a scratch,”
Riley replied.

Will nodded and headed back into Brennan’s office. Riley limped after him. The men were beginning to stand up and come to their senses.
Brennan and Murphy were helping Kieran back into his chair. He was holding a cloth to the side of his face, trying to slow the bleeding.

The cloth was stained red. Riley could see that Will was concerned. He was so busy noticing Will’s concern that he almost didn’t realize Kieran was staring at his leg.

“What happened?”
Kieran asked Riley.

“It was-“

“A hit in the line of duty,”
Will cut Riley off. Kieran nodded to Riley.

“Good job,” Kieran said to them both.

“We have to get you to the hospital to get stitches,”
Will said to Kieran.

“The bleeding will stop,”
Kieran shrugged it off. Will crouched down so he was eye level with his friend.

“Kieran, the bleeding hasn’t even slowed.”

Kieran was silent for a long moment. “Alright. Riley, come with us. You need medical attention as well.”

They left the warehouse heavily guarded.
The chauffeur had been killed in the shooting. Will sighed wearily. There was much to be done. Brennan had followed them out to the car. Riley left Will to give instructions while he and Murphy helped Kieran into the backseat of the car. Brennan’s men took the chauffeur out and put him with the dead guards.

Riley climbed in back with Kieran, while Murphy got in the driver’s seat and Will sat in the passenger seat.

On the way to the hospital, Riley was so tired he almost fell asleep despite his bleeding wound.

* * *[/b]
Lia was worried. She had been worried all day ever since Kieran had left. She tried to hide it from Lilly, tried to hide the sinking feeling in the depths of her gut. But at times, Lia had inkling that Lilly felt it too. They played in the garden after being dropped off at the mansion again. Lia and Lilly played hide and seek for a while; until Lilly was tired. Then Lia put Lilly to sleep for a nap and had dinner made for when she woke up. After dinner it got dark, and they watched a Disney movie in Lilly’s play room. Even at a young age, Lilly had a plasma screen television in her play room. And afterwards, Lilly was tired again.

So Lia carried Lilly to her room on her hip, with Lilly’s head on her shoulder. She read Lilly a few chapters of a new story. And right before falling asleep, Lilly looked at Lia.

“I miss Kieran,”
she said in a small voice. “He loves me even though mommy and daddy are gone.” And then Lilly closed her eyes and was instantly asleep. Lia pulled the cream colored wool cardigan she was wearing tighter around her body.

For some reason, what Lilly had said gave her chills. Lia turned out the light, and looked back in the room. The unicorn nightlight in her room made everything a dim pink color. Lia closed the door and went into Kieran’s room to make his bed. After she made his bed and tidied up, she wandered around restlessly. Finally, Lia went into the kitchen to get Kieran’s medication from Joe. She put the meds in her pocket, but put a glass of ice water on his nightstand. And then she wandered around again.

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