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 - Season 1 - Episode 37
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Will was sitting on a couch in Kieran’s room. This was how he loved to spend his Sundays… interrogating witnesses, calling together meetings, oh right, and trying to avoid an all out gang war. Carol was waiting outside with some of Kieran’s other soldiers. Like the four Commanders, Kieran had his own system of rank as well, and his own personal soldiers, even though Kieran’s section was more important than the other branches of their establishment.

“Mackey O’Conner?”
Kieran asked, looking in the mirror as he groomed himself. They were getting prepared for the meeting.

“That’s what she said,” Will answered, also getting ready. Will looked over at his friend, noticing that dark colors suited Kieran best. He was wearing his black dress pants and a dark blue button up. Will, on the other hand, was wearing a red button up shirt with a black vest. Will’s wrist was still being a bugger.

“Never heard of him,”
Kieran said.

“Me neither.”
Will was having difficulty rolling up his sleeves. His wrist was still swollen, and he had un-wrapped it to get dressed.

“Let me,”
Kieran offered.

Will said, holding out his arms for his friend. Kieran rolled up Will’s sleeves for him. They weren’t too prideful about accepting each other’s help.

“Let’s try to play nice today Will,”
Kieran suggested, turning back to the mirror. Will smiled into the mirror over Kieran’s head.

“I always try,” Will said, re-wrapping his own wrist. “…I just don’t always succeed.” Kieran laughed in response.

“Who are we having here again?” Kieran asked.

“The four Commanders, Madden, Murph, and the big guns… Gilroy and Diesel.”

“Gilroy and Diesel? So, it’s come to this point already huh?”
Kieran asked. Will nodded in response.

“I always hated having to use Gilroy, but it seems to be a necessity. Just can’t find any like him anyone.” Will said, thinking back to the last time they had to use Gilroy.

Gilroy was a loving, scruffy old man, with a very dark side. He was a genuine bad-a-s, like a kick-a-s bad-a-s. No one would ever guess it though. And when the situation got tricky or tense, Gilroy was the man to call. The last time Will had called him in was right before the mayoral election. The mayoral candidate Kieran wasn’t backing was getting more popular in the city, and he wanted to go after crime syndicates hard-core. They were on the brink of destruction. Needless to say, after Gilroy was called in, that mayor didn’t win. Good thing Gilroy was reliable and usually delivered, because if Gilroy couldn’t get a job done, their very last ditch attempt would be to call in Ripper. And absolutely no one wanted that.

“And I assume Diesel is going to bring some men?”
Kieran asked, breaking through Will’s thoughts.

“I assume so.”

Diesel Grissom was the head of his own syndicate east of the city. The Grissom and the O’Meara families had a long-standing alliance. Will was surprisingly fond of Diesel, and Diesel’s right hand man, Arty Cohen. The doorbell sounded.

“Let’s go get ‘em,” Kieran said, winking at Will.

“We always do.”

Will and Kieran didn’t enter the room until last. It was customary. Silence fell when Will went in the “high importance” conference room. Kieran pushed himself in right after. Will surveyed the room. Murphy was sitting to the left of Kieran. The Commanders had each brought their trusty assistants. Madden was present, sitting next to Gilroy.

Then there was Diesel and five of his men. There were more waiting outside, Carol and some of the other soldiers were outside with Diesel’s men. Will rubbed his face.

“I hope you’re all comfortable,”
Will began. “This is going to be a long night.”

They began discussing the warehouse and the information they had obtained about it.

“…Mackey O’Conner?”
Fynn asked.
“Yes, do you know him?”
Will shot back at Fynn.

“Actually, yes. I gave him a job in my ranks when he first moved here. But then he quit, to work at the docks. He was quite exemplary with monetary issues and accounting,”
Fynn said.


“The walls are soundproof Mrs. Flannery,”
Will said calmly. She looked wildly at him and screamed again. They wrestled with her for another moment, before Carol roughly grabbed her finger. Martha was making things difficult though, kicking and pulling her hand away as hard as she could. Carol was stronger, so she maintained her grip, but the finger was still moving jerkily around. Finally, Carol managed to put the pliers on her nail. That’s when Martha stopped struggling and completely surrendered.

“Wait, wait!”
Martha screamed. Carol hovered with the pliers on her fingernail. “I jus’ overheard something at the docks a week ago or so.” She looked around as if someone else was listening. “I heard someone speakin’ about the warehouse, and the name Mackey O’Conner.”

“What did they say about it?”

“Jus’ that Mackey was in over his head wit some kind o’ deal he had made.”

“With who?”

“They didn’t say.”

“Who was saying this?”

“Some o’ the dock workers. Mackey works at the docks from time to time wit my husband.”

“Their names?”
Will said, now leaning forward.

“I don’ know their names, since I couldn’ see their faces. It was around eight at night. I had been trying to find my husband since he was late comin’ home. He gets caught in gamblin’ issues. When I was lookin’ for him, I overheard that. But before I could hear any more, Sean saw me and we went home. His boss had only asked him to work late.” Martha was still eyeing the pliers on her fingernail. Will waved Carol and Murphy away, so they let Martha go. She visibly exhaled.

“Sit down,”
Will said, gesturing towards the chair on the other side of the table. Martha picked up the chair and did as she was told. “I’m going to use this information. If it is faulty, we’re not going to come after you again. We’re going to go after your son.” Martha put her hand over her mouth.

“No! Please don’t!”

“Is the information true?”

“Yes, yes I swear that’s what I heard!”

Carol was excited and impressed.

“Okay. But remember what I said. Don’t go to the police, it’ll be useless. Don’t try to run, that will just piss us off. Your husband knows our reach.”
Will leaned over the table. “It’s a very, very wide reach.” Carol knew she was going to love this job.
* * *
“You didn’t go through Riley?”

“I believe Riley approved my request,”
Fynn said, looking over at Riley.

“Either way,” Will scolded. “Leave the personnel issues to Riley.” Will knew Fynn and Brennan hired some of their workers off record, which was forbidden. All workers had to be processed through Riley. But Will knew that was their own little way of metaphorically saying “screw you” to the non-family member Riley.

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