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 - Season 1 - Episode 39
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Kieran nodded in agreement, leaning on his elbow, deeply considering the last statement Gilroy had made.

“Yes, I could pull a lot of strings,”
Nolan said. “I could light a lot of fires under a lot of asses.” This statement pulled a few laughs out of the men. Nolan was good at his job, Will had to hand it to him. Gilroy was very useful as well, especially when asking for hefty favors from important people.

“Our reach together could potentially be much bigger than Dodson’s,”
Will chimed in, looking at Diesel. Diesel and his men nodded gently, agreeing with Will. Kieran began tapping his fingers on the large oak table.

“…And I have a wildcard,”
Kieran said, still deep in thought. The room became unnervingly quiet again. Will was praying he wasn’t talking about Ripper. “Let’s take a break, shall we? Perhaps dinner?” They all got up and began talking to each other. Will was concerned though, and he grabbed his friend’s arm before Kieran could leave.

Will bent down in front of Kieran. He was still a little scared of Kieran from the early display of darkness, but he was going to approach Kieran carefully.

“Please tell me that you aren’t thinking about using you-know-who, my friend,”
Will said softly. Kieran looked confused for a moment, and then laughed.

“No, no, not him. I have someone different in mind.”
And still laughing to himself, Kieran pushed his chair out of the room, leaving Will to take care of the guests.

* * *

“I have something to tell you,”[/b] Monica said to her lover. Once again he was lounging on the bed.

“How stealthy and wonderful I am? No one has said anything yet about my perfectly timed visit to Will,” Dan replied. Monica rolled her eyes.

“No! There is still a chance someone saw you and has just kept his mouth shut.” She was still rolling her eyes.

“Yes, but it’s not likely, so come over here…” Dan winked at her. Monica thought her eyes were just going to roll themselves out of her head. He was really dumb.

she began.

“I’m hungry as hell!”
he commented about his growling stomach.


“Maybe Chinese food,”

“Dan! We’re going to have a baby.”

Dan looked up at her with eyes she would expect from a puppy dog.

“What?” he said it so softly she almost didn’t hear

“I’m serious.”

“How? I thought… how is that possible?”

“I guess something just happened… Birth control isn’t one hundred percent effective,”
Monica said, glancing sheepishly at Dan. Dan was in his boxers on the bed. He rolled over onto his back and stared at the ceiling.

That was all he said. Monica went to the bed and sat next to Dan.

“I think we should have it, I mean, why not?”
Monica said, smiling at Dan. He rolled over onto his side. Monica guessed he wasn’t ready to accept it.

“Then does this mean you’re done with your revenge obsession?”
Dan asked softly.

“No. I’ll never be done until I have what is mine.”

“What the hell?”

“I can do it! I have other people doing my dirty work anyway,”
Monica said with a smile. “I wouldn’t be in any danger.”

“And what if they trace it back to you? They won’t hesitate to kill you, even if you are pregnant.”

“Don’t be silly,”
Monica started to say.

“No! Don’t be stupid! You have to start thinking about another life now too! Give up your stupid need for revenge!”

“But won’t the baby’s life be better if you and I were rulers of the O’Meara clan? Money, power, everything at our disposal. You can’t tell me Lilly has a terrible life with Kieran as her father.”

“He isn’t her father.”

“He practically is!”
Monica retorted.

This wasn’t going how she had planned. “Maybe if you’re so concerned, you should protect me.”

“Maybe you should protect yourself,”
Dan got up out of the bed and began getting dressed. He walked towards the bathroom. Monica ran to cut him off.

“Don’t go in there!”
she cried. “It’s not properly cleaned yet… I threw up earlier.” Dan looked her up and down, and walked towards the door. “Where are you going?” Monica asked.

“Out,” he responded, walking quickly out of the apartment. Monica waited a few minutes until she was sure he was gone. She had to begin planning her next maneuver. Dan would be very pissed at her for this one. But he would get over it- he wouldhaveto get over it now. Monica smiled to herself. She was going to make this happen, she was going to make that stupid little cripple pay for what he did to her.

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