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 - Season 1 - Episode 41
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“Thank you for your concern,”
Kieran dismissed it, and began to push his chair down the hallway. Lia blocked him though, planting her feet firmly in front of his chair. Kieran rolled his eyes and sighed. He was treating her like she was a child. Lia felt her eyes water from embarrassment and frustration. Kieran’s face softened. She turned to run away, when Lia felt a hand on her wrist.

“I’m sorry,”
Kieran’s voice was barely audible. “You’re right.”

Lia turned back to him, as he released her wrist. She quickly wiped the tears away, but still pouted. She felt stupid for her concern. He tilted his head.

“Come on, smile for me?”
he asked.

She averted her eyes. “Hug?” he asked, holding out his arms. Lia was so surprised at this side of Kieran, she didn’t move. So she was even more surprised when he pulled her down onto his lap and hugged her. Lia closed her eyes and took time to feel his arms around her. When he let go, they pulled back, making eye contact. Again, warmth spread in Lia’s stomach. She stood back up immediately.

“I should go,”
Kieran said, trying to make her move out of his way.

“Can I stay?” Lia asked bashfully. Kieran looked at her, confused.


“Can I stay? For the night? I want to give Will a break. He will be just as exhausted as you, and it’s not fair that I get to leave. I’ll just take a nap in your room on the couch, and you can wake me up when you come in. That way, I’ll be rested and ready to help!”
This was insane. She had class the next morning! But something made her not care. Her interests were slowly, but steadily, shifting.

“It will be early morning when I’m done. You shouldn’t.”

“I’ll be okay.”

“You’ll leave after I go to bed?”

“I guess so.”

“No. You can stay the night and then go to class right from here if you insist on waiting for me.”

“Thanks Kieran,”
Lia said, beaming at him. She thought she saw a tiny smile infect his lips too.

Once in Kieran’s room, Lia wandered around a little. She went into his closet and ran her hand along his expensive clothes. Normally, Lia would be too shy to sneak around someone else’s room, but she was beginning to feel an odd kinship with Kieran. Everything in his room, closet, and bathroom had been lowered for his convenience. Taped up behind his closet door, was a picture of his parents on either side of his at his high school graduation, smiling beautifully. His parents were truly Hollywood beauties. Lia’s family was basically the complete opposite. In her high school graduation picture, she wasn’t even looking or smiling at the camera. In the picture, she was reaching out to grab one of her nephews, while all her d--n siblings were trying to fit in around her. Some of them had been fighting. It’s not that she didn’t love her family- she just wondered what life would be like if it was less chaotic all the d--n time.

Lia occupied herself for a little while cleaning up various things in her boss’s room. It was already very clean, since he had one of the workers come in each day just to keep things tidy. But she cleaned some things that were already clean. And then, she crawled onto the couch when she felt tired, and fell asleep.

Lia’s eyes opened. There were voices outside, and car engines revving to life. Where was she? She pushed the hair out of her face, and sat up. Out the window, Lia saw car headlights fading down the driveway. She was in Kieran’s house! The clock on the wall read that it was three thirty in the morning. Lia stood up and went over to the door. Kieran and Will were talking outside. She couldn’t hear words, but recognized their voices. The talking stopped, and Lia backed away from the door. It swung open, and Kieran made eye contact with Lia.

The feeling in her stomach from his eye contact was indescribable. His eyes seem to liquefy all her internal organs, though her stomach turned to a heavy bag of lead. She forced a small smile. He smiled back, even though he looked like he was about to pass out. Looking over Kieran’s face, Lia’s concern quickly skyrocketed. The bags under his eyes were dark, and he looked too pale, and too weak. Her smile dropped off her lips.

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