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 - Season 1 - Episode 42
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she said harshly. “What have you done to yourself?”

“I haven’t been able to walk for a while now. You just noticed?”
Kieran joked.

He laughed, and though Lia was concerned for him, she couldn’t suppress her laugh either.

she scolded again. He leaned back in the chair, folding his hands over his lap. Lia shook her head at him, and walked around to push his chair for him. Kieran had no objection to her help. He exhaled, and she pushed him over to his pajamas, which were flannel pants and a normal grey shirt. He dressed himself slowly, his limbs plagued with fatigue. He had been awake for a long time. Lia knew he had trouble sleeping sometimes, and that had been the case last night. She thought about how many things he probably had on his mind.D--n,she thought.He has to run a whole empire.

“Busy night then?”
Lia asked.

“Have you ever tried listening to politicians for almost ten hours?”


“Well… this is worse,”
he said with a chuckle. Lia smiled, and pushed him into the bathroom.

“Did you always plan on taking your father’s place?”
Lia asked. Kieran was silent for a moment.

“… I don’t know. I always planned to finish college first at least.”

“You have a natural talent for this.”

“How do you know?”
Kieran asked, brushing his teeth.

“If you didn’t, this whole operation wouldn’t be running anymore,”
Lia said, sitting on the edge of the tub, and smiling into the mirror at him. Kieran made a face at her while he brushed his teeth, and she laughed in response. While he was occupied with brushing his teeth, Lia stuck her finger in her mouth and put it in his ear.

“Wet willy!”
she said with a laugh. Kieran spat into the sink, and batted her hand away.

“That’s disgusting.” GH shot her a look of contempt. She laughed again, and he eventually smiled.[b] “Perhaps you’re spending too much time with Lilly.”

“Does this mean I’m fired?”

“Only if you pick your nose.”

“Oops, guess I’m fired.”
Lia said with a giggle. Kieran laughed loudly.

“Very funny,” Kieran said as Lia pushed him back into his room. She pushed him near his bed, then grabbed his clothes off the floor.

“Are these dirty?” Lia asked, folding them over her arm.

“Smell them. Then you tell me,” he joked.

“That’s gross!”

“No, they’re fine,”
Kieran answered honestly, with a laugh. Lia smiled at him and folded his clothes carefully, then proceeded to put them away. While she was busy, she could feel Kieran’s eyes on her. She silently scolded herself. Why were they being so playful? He was her boss. This was totally unprofessional of her. Lia stopped for a moment. Were they… were theyflirting?As she pondered this, a tiny smile fought its way onto her lips.

Lia pushed Kieran next to his bed, and helped him slide on. To her surprise, he patted the bed next to him. He wanted her to sit next to him? She crawled on the bed, and sat facing him.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been able to joke around like this.”
A sad look came over Kieran’s face. “I used to joke around with my parents a lot.” Lia watched him. He put his head on the headboard and looked over at her. Finally, he scooted down so he was lying flat. “Tell me aboutyourfamily.”

And she did. Lia started with her parents, and told him all about her own family. When she got down to all her nieces and nephews, Kieran was sound asleep.

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