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 - Season 1 - Episode 43
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Sometimes Riley was amazed at how much idiocy could run in Kieran’s relatives.

“They won’t be expecting a surprise attack,”
Brennan pushed.

Riley almost spit out his drink in laughter.

This guy could not be for real. Since Riley’s mouth was full, he looked over to Will to handle the idiot. The head of the table was still empty.
“Think for a minute here, Brennan,”
Will began. But he was cut off before he could reach his point.

“It would be unusual for Kieran to attack. It isn’t like him,”
Brennan said over the attempts of the other men to stifle their laughter.

Will yelled, slamming his fist on the table and standing up. The room immediately fell silent. “If they had information about our big buyer, a full scale attack would surely leak out.” Will sank back into his chair, rubbing the bridge of his nose. Riley thought Will looked like he was about to pass out onto the floor.

“Then how do we know the traitor isn’t in this room right now?”
Brennan asked. Riley rubbed his face vigorously. This guy literally could not get, any stupider.

“Maybe we should have a loyalty test,”
Riley finally cut in, glaring at Brennan.

“…Maybe we should,”
Brennan shot back at Riley, returning the dark look.

Riley pressed, standing up.

“Right now.”
Brennan stood too.

Kieran’s voice sounded behind Riley. Kieran was pushing his chair into the room. Riley sat back down like a little kid who was caught trying to escape time-out. Brennan sat too. Riley caught Diesel shooting looks to his men of unknown meaning. “We’re not launching an attack,” Kieran said, looking purposefully at Brennan. “We’re going to give them a proverbial middle finger.”

“You’re an idiot Kieran!”
Brennan blurted out. The room went eerily silent. Brennan clapped his hands over his big, dim-witted mouth. But it was too late. Riley looked over at Kieran, to try and gauge the degree of punishment. Kieran and Will made eye contact. Wordlessly, Kieran held up two fingers to Will.

“Maybe three,” Kieran said out loud to Will, talking in a weird language only they knew. Will understood exactly what Kieran wanted, nodding and standing up. Riley never ceased to be amazed at how well Will and Kieran worked. They were perfect friends, and even perfect work partners. Everyone strived to have friendships like theirs. They almost always had the same thoughts and the same strategies. Riley was jealous of their relationship.

“No…” Brennan said, backing away from the table. Will nodded at two men behind Brennan, who grabbed the scared man from behind. “No!” Brennan yelled, trying to pull away.

“Let’s go Brennan. Keep your dignity intact,”
Will said tiredly, leading the way out of the room. Brennan was led, resisting like a baby, out of the room by the men who grabbed him. Will nodded at Carol, who followed them out of the room as well.

A man came out of the kitchen and gave Kieran his food, which the boss ate, as if nothing had ever happened. The room was silent as Kieran ate. When he finished, he looked up at everyone again.

“I apologize for making you all wait, I was just really famished. Anyways, as I was saying, we’re going to hit them where it hurts. I have a distant relative I called who is going to help us with this task. We’re going to capture and question Greg Dodson.”

Riley’s mouth dropped open. Trevor was very protective of his little brother. The shocked reaction echoed around all the members of the table.

“Your relative… he can do this?”
Diesel asked. It was the question they all were thinking. Kieran turned to him.

“She can do this flawlessly.”

After Kieran was done with the food, they all went back to the conference room. Will slipped in a few minutes, later, wiping blood off his hands with a handkerchief. This gesture did not go unnoticed. Riley saw Diesel shoot his men a look that said, “…and you thoughtIwas strict.”

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