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 - Season 1 - Episode 46
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Carol looked over at Shea.

“Let’s go out into the hall,”
Shea said. They followed her out. Carol looked over the random assortment of people Will had chosen for the job. Each person had a fine-tuned skill in which they excelled. Carol knew James was a master at picking locks. Doug could dismantle a gun in less than thirty seconds. They were a highly skilled team, and Carol realized with a sudden light of acknowledgement that Will had chosen each person carefully. Nothing Will did was half-assed or an accident.

Shea said with a deep breath. Before she could say anything else, Murphy popped his head into the hallway and handed Shea a folder wordlessly. Shea had barely even grabbed the folder before Murphy disappeared back into the room. She looked at the door in surprise. Carol didn’t know Murphy could even move that fast.

“Let’s see,” Shea said, opening the folder. She read for a few seconds and looked back up at them. “They’re our instructions for the mission.” Shea read more. “It says that Greg Dodson will be entering “The Sip” bar at around one pm. Geeze, this guy starts early.”

“The Sip?”
Aiden asked. Shea looked up at him.

“Yes, is there a problem?”

“No. I just suppose I’m your driver then,”
Aiden said factually. Shea looked down at the sheet, and back up at Aiden.

“Actually you are. How did you know?”

“A few weeks ago, Will and I mapped out short-cuts around the city, and drove them together. I’m the chief heist driver. Used to be professional,”
Aiden said this casually, as if he was ordering coffee or tea.

“Wow. Okay. Will is really on top of his s--t,” Shea observed. Carol snorted and nodded in agreement. They all looked at her.

Carol said with an apologetic smile on her face.

“Anyway,” Shea said, turning back to Aiden. “How fast can you get us to the docks?”

“Approximately seven minutes.”

“Push for five.”
“Yes ma’am.”

“Okay, our instructions say that I will obtain Greg at around one thirty. There’s a back alley behind The Sip. I’ll go into the bar at one twenty, and be in back at exactly one thirty. I’m going to slip something into his drink, so he should be passed out at one thirty. Doug, you have to dismantle his weapon and leave it in the alley,”
Shea read.

“But they’ll find it.”

“That’s the point,”
Carol said with a smile. She was learning fast.

Shea looked at Carol with a nod of approval.

“She’s right. Our superiors want them to find it. It’s a sign. After you dismantle the weapon, we all get in the car, and Aiden will take us to the docks. Oren will interrogate Greg with Will. I hear Oren is quite the information-extractor.”
Shea looked up at Oren, who only replied with silent eye contact.

“But we can’t return him to the bar,”
Doug said with a frown. “They’ll be waiting.”

“Be patient,”
Shea said, turning her gaze to Doug. “Here is where James and Carol come into play. We are going to drop off Greg at their own headquarters by the west docks.”
It was genius. While most of the men will be dispatched to the bar to wait for Greg’s return, they would return him right under their own noses. It was a gamble. The gang headquarter locations were no secret to other gangs, considering there was so much traffic of drugs and people around the areas.

But gang members never dared to enter in another gang’s headquarter area.

They would be spotted within seconds. Unless there was a distraction.

It was perfect. This was sending a message that they did not desire violence, but that the O’Meara family had the power to walk into their headquarters and deliver the missing boy right under their own faces.

“Carol, you knock out the remaining members at the headquarters, while James picks the lock. We deliver the boy, and then get the hell out of there before other men return. That’s why we have a time limit. If we take too long, the men will get restless and tired of investigating the scene, and return to their headquarters.” Shea flipped the folder closed, and looked up at her group.

“You guys ready to get down and dirty?” she asked.

Carol had never been so excited in her life. This was better than Christmas morning.

* * *

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