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 - Season 1 - Episode 47
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Will had never met Shea. But he was impressed when she showed up exactly on time. He heard the van before he saw it. The vehicle came squealing around the corner and stopped roughly in front of the warehouse at one thirty-five. Shea jumped out of the van first, and Will let his eyes run over her tight body, clothed in all black. Will almost allowed himself to be completely distracted by her beauty. But when she threw open the door to the back and the unconscious Greg Dodson tumbled out of the van, Will sprung into action. Along with Oren, Will carried the young man into the warehouse. Greg was already starting to gain consciousness again.

Will didn’t know whether to be completely amazed by Oren, or more confused by the information he was receiving.

“…an anonymous tip source?”
Will asked Greg. Greg was now fiddling with his hands, and looking around the room every five seconds. Oren had Greg backed into a corner, eating out of the palm of his hand. As a response, Greg looked at Oren. Oren looked impatient.

“Go ahead, answer him,”
Oren said with an irritated nod. Greg glanced back at Will, as if Will would provide Greg with a way out.

However, Will just stared expectantly back at Greg. They only had five minutes left. Oren managed to reduce the initial threats and bargaining attempts down to five minutes. They had been talking for ten. This left five minutes until Greg was to be delivered to the van again. Will needed this mission to be successful. Heneededa win.

“Well yes, via phone. The tip givers are a man and a woman, maybe multiple people even. They take turns intermittently. But no names have ever been supplied.

They go collectively by the alias ‘Iconoclast’.”
Greg was now fiddling with his thumbs, refusing to make eye contact with either Will or Oren. Greg knew the information he was giving would ultimately hurt his brother’s gang. But little Dodson believed his very life was on the line here. There was no withholding information. Will leaned back against the wall, to try and process this. Oren, who was sitting across the table from Greg, turned in his seat to seek further instruction from Will. Will trained his eyes on Greg, who eventually looked up from his thumbs.

“And you just believe this person- these people?” Will finally asked.

“Whoever they are, they’re very convincing. I’m afraid Trevor is getting too bold with this new information source- he isobviouslygetting too bold.”

Greg was referring to the situation he was currently in.

Will agreed. “Your brother is an idiot for putting so much faith in someone. They could easily screw him over, get him caught in a trap- maybe even killed,” Will said nonchalantly. He knew exactly what he was doing. And it wasn’t fair. But Will didn’t have trouble falling asleep most nights. He wasn’t exactly considered a saint. They were all criminals after all.

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