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 - Season 1 - Episode 48
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Greg opened his mouth to respond, then shut it again. It was exactly the reaction Will was looking for. Oren made eye contact with Will, and Will understood that Oren knew the game. Will thought he even saw a hint of admiration in Oren’s eyes. It was a cheap, dirty trick. Will was planting concern in Greg for his brother’s life. Greg wasn’t experienced enough to catch the trick. Will was making Greg doubt both the source and his own brother. Greg now thought their source could be a set-up from the O’Meara family. Perhaps even this whole kidnapping was a set-up to make it seem like they wanted information, but Will let a tiny piece of information slide. Will could see the doubt and anxiousness in Greg’s eyes, though the poor kid tried to hide it. He had no chance. Will had set everything up beautifully in that one line. And Oren was smart enough to run with it.

So Will and Oren made eye contact nervously, which was picked up by Greg.

“Time to go,”
Will said quickly, striding over to Greg and putting a bag over his head. Greg thought they had blown their cover, so it was time for them to return him. Greg made no indication that he thought it was a set up, so they had no choice but to return the kid. Greg smiled to himself. They were probably praying he hadn’t picked up on that little mistake Will had made.

Will shoved Greg into the back of the car and smiled too. It was beautiful.

But Will’s work was never done. He went back toward the bar where Greg had been originally abducted. Will had a room rented in a building across the street to give him visual access to who was in the bar. Will pulled his hood up as he walked toward the bar. He knew this was dangerous considering someone could easily recognize him. But Will had to make sure that their plan wouldn’t be completely spoiled. He had to be assured that most of the men in the headquarters closest to the bar hadn’t returned. Shea’s team could only handle so many men, and Will wasn’t ready to let his highly specialized team be slaughtered in an ambush. Once in the room, Will was pleased to see a large group of Dodson’s men were still lingering in the bar. His binoculars helped him to even identify some of them.

Will pulled his hood up again to leave. His work was still unfinished. He walked down the hallway consumed in his thoughts.

A strange s£nsat!on filled the air in the hallway, and Will responded by looking up and around. He immediately identified three figures only about twenty feet away. They were Dodson’s men. He had terrible timing. The three men were on their way out of a room while Will was walking down the hall. Following pure instinct, Will sized up the men, and decided he couldn’t win against all three.

There was a period of about five seconds of complete stillness in the hallway. And then motion erupted. Will pivoted to turn around and haul a-s away as the men made quick eye contact and threw themselves down the hall after Will. They caught him in the stairwell, and had to knock him unconscious in order to control his flailing limbs and flying fists.

Will was woken by water thrown in his face. Trevor Dodson was standing in front of Will, looking extremely pissed off.

Will knew what this was though. This was perfect for Trevor. This was Dodson getting everything he wanted. Will knew he was going to get a beating. But not for little Dodson’s kidnapping. This was Trevor’s way of getting the war he was so badly trying to instigate. Crafty b-----d. And Will’s timing only helped Dodson. He had justification for the beating. Will knew exactly what was going to happen. Dodson would defend himself in front of other gangs in the city by claiming he thought Will still had possession of Greg. But Dodson knew better. And he knew how Kieran would respond. Will spat at Trevor as he got closer.

“Got something to say Will?”
Trevor sneered.

“Yeah,” Will spat back. “F--k you.”

Will fought off his need to scream in pain for the first few minutes of the beating, but when Dodson twisted his injured wrist, Will broke down, and screamed in agony through gritted teeth. From there on, Will lost all control of his willpower and reacted as his body demanded. The gruesome sound of flesh and bone on flesh and bone made some guys in the room feel queasy. It became half noticeable to Will that he was in a fog-like state, everything being hazy and distant, considering the sickening sound of his body being pummeled seemed miles away.

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