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 - Season 1 - Episode 54
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Riley tried his best to act somber in the situation .

But he was secretly ecstatic that he had been chosen for the team with which Madden was charged . He figured this meant he
was good at his job, that they needed him .

Riley smiled to himself as he walked down the hall to go check on Will .

Madden had gone to plan more details with
Kieran , she had said before taking off .

Riley knew he would be able to cooperate easily with the other team members .

He was acquainted with all of them , and friendly with most of them .

When Riley arrived at Will ’ s door however , his tiny smile quickly vanished .

He knew full well that seeing Will was going to piss him off . He reached for the door handle , and noticed his hand was shaking .

Riley quickly drew his hand back , and shook it out . Before he lost all courage , Riley
burst through the door , and closed it quietly upon seeing Murphy sitting next to Will.

For some strange reason , it
seemed to Riley that Will ’ s condition was hardest on Murphy , not Kieran .

Murphy had always looked up to Will as
a role model .

When Riley entered , Murphy stood up and left to give him privacy . Riley walked up and sat next to Will ’ s bed . Will had a huge , fresh scab on his lip , a black eye ,
various bruises , and his already hurt wrist was bandaged and lying on top of a pillow. Riley ’ s blood boiled .

“I swear , ”
Riley said out loud . “I ’ m going to get revenge on

whoever did this to you . You just say the name , and I ’ ll do it .”
Riley needed Will to say who it was for sure.

And then Riley heard a muffled , sharp pop .
And he was also distinctly aware that the ringing “ pop ” sounded like a gunshot. After he was silent for a minute
while the wheels in his brain turned, Riley ran .

He took off out the door and down the hallway . Riley ran toward the
direction he guessed the shot came from . He eventually bumped into a few people heading in the same direction , but they had been closer when it happened.

So Riley followed the others , (to his dismay ) right towards Kieran ’ s room .

They ran through the already opened door. Riley saw a few people crowded around Kieran ’ s chair , frantically
trying to help while Madden put pressure on a wound in Kieran ’ s arm, which was staining the white rag red .

Riley heard Kieran weakly whisper , his face getting pale as he swooned .

“Lia , ” he said . “Get Lia .” As he repeated it , Riley realized someone was probably already getting Lia . His thoughts
were confirmed when Lia rushed in a minute later .

Her face was white , and the look of pure terror on her face told Riley that she was completely in love with Kieran .

She ran over and bumped Madden aside like she didn ’ t even exist .

Riley saw the rejected look on Madden’ s, followed by pure jealousy when Kieran looked at Lia and smiled . Lia was now
holding the cloth to Kieran ’ s arm, kneeling in front of him .

“My arm, ” Kieran said looking down at his arm.

He was referring to the fact he was going to be needy in the next few weeks .

Losing an arm for him was losing his only means of transportation , self – sufficient freedom .

Riley watched fondly as Lia didn ’ t hesitate.
“I ’ ll take care of you , ” Lia whispered . He smiled .

“Lia , ”
Kieran whispered , and Riley watched Kieran ’ s eyes roll back into the deep sockets in his pale face . He had passed
out just as the ambulance sirens could be heard .

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