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 - Season 1 - Episode 55
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And take care of him , Lia did . Riley watched Lia take care of Kieran every moment of her Spring Break .

She eventually moved into the small pool house in the back yard .

While Kieran was being carted to the hospital , Dan Reedus came rushing into the house , looking concerned , and asking about
his brother . Riley and Dan retreated to Will ’ s room , and Riley left a few minutes later to follow Kieran to the hospital with
Lia in his car .

Riley assisted Lia often, when Kieran was first
stable enough to go home . And after he regained his strength a few days later , he was ready to talk business .

Some of the employees at the mansion gossiped about what was happening behind closed doors with Lia and Kieran .

Kieran ’ s men patiently waited for instruction .

They didn ’ t know if this new wound was priority now .

Perhaps payback for this would be the biggest priority .

Riley attended a meeting in which Kieran called, on the fourth day after the
attack. Will was still slowly recovering , waking up more often for longer periods of time.

But talk of Kieran ’ s injury was
forbidden in Will ’ s chambers , on Kieran ’ s order himself.

By now , Lia was undisputedly Kieran ’ s caretaker .

She pushed his wheelchair into the room .

Riley noticed how Kieran still managed to look badass . He was wearing a red
dress shirt – sleeves rolled up , unbuttoned at the top , black dress pants , dress shoes , and a black arm sling .

His arm bandages came out from under his shirt sleeve, which was
rolled up to the elbow .

The white bandages continued halfway down his arm and stopped . The shot had gone
straight through his arm, without hitting the bone .

Riley felt bad that Kieran had now lost his only means of transportation, but he knew Lia and Kieran were becoming closer .

And now there was a growing concern about the shooter who had shot Kieran .

They were all sitting in the conference room , and Riley had Winchester with him as well .

His personnel operation was
doing well , so Riley was thankful he could focus on his duties as a commander to his boss .

Brennan, on the other hand , was having issues getting anyone to sell to him ,
considering the fact that his last delivery ended in an ambush and returned absolutely no gains to the supplier.

Riley looked at Brennan, who had seemed to age considerably over the last few weeks . Nolan looked bad too ,
his PR skills pushed to the limit with the imminent gang war .

Madden sat, stone faced , and Murphy sat , looking like a zombie .

Will ’ s condition had taken its toll on them – but especially Murphy .

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