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 - Season 1 - Episode 57
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Riley was about to leave when he heard Kieran ’ s voice.

“Riley ! I ’ m not done with you yet .”

“Sir ?”
Riley asked , turning around to face his boss .

Murphy brushed by Riley while Lia grabbed the handles on the back of Kieran ’ s chair , pushing him over to Riley .

Riley walked alongside Kieran as they travelled out the door and down the hallway .

“I want to burn our goods in the warehouse to make it seem
more realistic … or at least some of our products .

Talk to Fynn, and tell me if it can be done .”
Kieran suddenly grabbed Riley ’ s arm, making him jump a little . “I trust you , ”
Kieran said with a tiny smile for reassurance . Riley nodded , glowing in the confidence of one of the most powerful men in the country .

“Thank you , sir , ”
Riley said sincerely . “ I will try my hardest to
not disappoint you .”
* * *

Carol sat next to Will . She was extremely fond of the man , and she was angry beyond belief that she had allowed herself to become distracted by one of the most beautiful
women in the world , therefore making them vulnerable to mistakes like this .

Carol berated herself for blindly following
orders, and not making certain that her beloved boss would be okay.

Shea was standing in the doorway, watching Carol and Will .

Will opened his eyes slowly. When he saw Carol , he smiled at her weakly .

“Hey , ” he said nonchalantly.

“Hello boss , how are you feeling ? Can I get you anything?”

she asked softly but eagerly . Will chuckled , then winced .

“Water maybe, ”
he answered .

Carol reached for the water pitcher next to his bed .

She poured him some water in a glass , and put the straw to his lips . He drank carefully , only taking a few sips . He exhaled as he put his head back down .

“Thank you .”

“The doctor said your injuries are looking better sir , ”
Carol said encouragingly.

Will nodded .

“I think a war is about to begin , ”
Shea interjected softly . “ We tried to stop it sir , but …” she trailed off .

“Dodson really wants this war , ”
Will said . “ That much is clear .

And despite the fact that Dodson is pushing for it like hell , Kieran will still probably do everything he can to prevent all the negative consequences we would incur from
starting the war Dodson is practically begging us to start .”

“Yes sir , ”
Carol responded .

She was amazed at how coherent and eloquent Will was , even in his condition .

She smiled as she thought that her allegiance could not be better spent than on him . “ Kieran wants us to burn one of our properties to frame Dodson . Then our offensive in this
war would be justified. ”

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