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 - Season 1 - Episode 59
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Carol retreated , and wiped her mouth.

Shea laughed , and used spit and her index finger to wipe lipstick from the
sides of Carol ’ s lips. They both stood , attentive.

Kieran was being pushed by Lia down the hallway .

Carol went over to Will ’ s room , and opened the door.

“Sir , Mr . O ’ Meara is here , ”
Carol said softly inside .

Will was still sitting up , and he nodded at her , a smile creeping onto his lips .

Carol waited patiently for the business between the two men to finish .

The others had certainly begun to arrive for
the important meeting . But Carol reasoned that it was better to wait for Kieran .

This way, she got to hang around Shea
for a little longer . She was going to be posted with Will for most of her time .

Carol and Shea wasted no time either .

The door was barely closed behind Kieran and Lia before Shea pushed Carol into a wall and their lips were surging together again .

The sexual chemistry flooded the air.

They kissed as a long and as
passionately as possible .

This kissing , Carol decided later , was one of the only things keeping her sane and alive as she guarded the room .

The increased security made people paranoid, on edge .

One of the Commander ’ s assistants left the room and re- entered about fifteen times to “use the bathroom .” He would smile
at them nervously before he sprinted to wherever he was going .

Carol was fairly convinced that he just kept leaving the room to make certain he could leave .

This man had serious anxiety problems .

But not only was she monitoring the movement of these people in and out of the room , she was also being asked to do heightened security details . And a large number of the
people currently positioned at the house were highly uncomfortable , so Carol was getting security requests – it seemed, from each one of them . She did three different
security sweeps of the room before Diesel and Kieran were even allowed to enter .

Carol was working with two other men , and by ten pm , all three of them were completely exhausted .

So , Carol began to daydream about Shea and their make – out session whenever she had a spare moment.

Carol and one other man were stationed at the door of the room , while the other
member on security detail was positioned inside the room .

They all rotated .

When Carol was in the room , she wanted to jump out a window . It was so d--n boring.

The politics of it all was so excruciating .
Carol concluded that Will , Kieran and Nolan
existed for this specific reason .

They were all too good at the politics . They had always had Carol ’ s respect for that at
least .

“We need to make preparations for the war , and our suppliers are too sketched out right now to give us a larger stock , ”
Brennan said miserably . Carol was always up to
speed about the Commanders , and their personal dramas .

She was one of Will ’ s favorite after all. And Will loved to b---h about the Commanders .

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