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Tarasha - Season 7 - Episode 1
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‘Henry, what the hell is wrong with you? This is no time for jokes you know,’ Henry heard Tara talking to him as he arranged his devices and his gun into the backpack he left at the security stand. He flashed a look back and saw her walking towards him. She stopped before the pavement and placed her hands on her waist.

He finished in some seconds and hung the bag. He turned to look at Tarasha’s face, ‘Sorry I can’t come with you, I have to go get my mother now.’
‘Your mother? I thought we’ve talked about that before,’ Tarasha replied. ‘We need to get everything settled first before the environment can be safe for your mother.’
‘D--n you Tara, stop acting like you care and you’re going to help me when we’re done with your mission, all you know how to do is use people, ‘ Henry replied, sounding angry.
Tarasha stared at him speechless, wondering what had come over Henry and where he had gotten his idea from. She could see the fury on his face and sense the anger in the voice. She watched as he stepped down from the security stand and proceeded to the gate.
‘Henry,’ she called as he touched the handle. He stopped but did not look back. ‘What’s this about?’
He turned his face sideway and caught a glimpse of her. His anger grew as he wondered how she could be asking him what it was about when she knew it all. It made him now convinced in his heart that the man who contacted him was right about his claim that Tara knew all about his mother’s plights and was only hiding it from him to make sure he remains in the right condition for her to keep using him as part of her team.
He had felt something more hurtful than disappointment when he found out that Tarasha and Cole had deceived and continually lied to him. The hurtful part was that he had asked Tarasha more than once but she kept on with her deceit. He discovered all about the lies and deceits on the same day he introduced his newly designed app to her

Flashback ~~
Few days ago
Henry closed the running process on the application and returned to the dashboard. He saw a new notification, the app had been able to fetch some of the NSCC footages he requested for. He downloaded the footages into a folder.

He heaved a sigh of relief and rested his back while he waited for the footages he requested for to be completely downloaded. He had an inner feeling of joy knowing that he had created an app which will go a long way in helping the team succeed. He never knew that the same app will make him regret being a part of the team.

The footages downloaded completely after a minute and he opened a random one. The look on his face slowly changed into a confused look as he saw himself on a road in Abuja which he recognized well, with two other unknown men. He blinked his eyes and released a breath. Then he picked his phone and quickly opened his inbox. He paused the video as he began to check through the past messages. He located the text conversation with one of the several numbers he had blocked. He scrolled to the middle of the conversation and located the message he was looking for. In the message, the sender claimed that he and a partner had once met with Henry in a particular location in Abuja but Henry remembered nothing as at the time of first reading the message.

He scrolled down to read his reply to the message.

‘Nothing of such ever happened, I never met someone like you and I wasn’t in Abuja at that time,’ he had replied.
He scrolled again to see the sender’s reply.
‘Would you just answer my call and allow me remind you properly, I’m sure Samantha Osman has done something to make you forget totally. I can help you remember if you want.’

Henry gave no more reply. Two other messages followed after that in the conversation until he blocked the number and the sender began to contact him with another number. The cycle continued with the numbers until Henry finally made up his mind to find out what happened during the few days he was in coma.


Now, Henry was standing fully aware of Tarasha’s deception. Even though he planned not to take a drastic step that’ll make her fight against him, he also wasn’t ready to miss the opportunity to get his mother back to safety. He had confirmed with the information sent to him from the unknown person that she was no longer in the hands of the security officials but some individuals who had taken her after her release.
He still saw her standing behind him and he knew she could become dangerous to him from that moment, his mind was however made up to d--n whatever consequence could result from his action.

‘I wish you success Tara,’ Henry said before he opened the gate and stepped out.
Tarasha was perplexed. She didn’t know whether to go after him or just return to the car and continue the mission without him.
‘Boss, what’s wrong with him?’ she could hear Cole’s voice behind.

She turned and proceeded back to the car. ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with him but we have to go anyway.’
‘Go without him?’ Cole questioned. ‘Leaving him roaming about by himself could cause troubles for us.’
Tarasha stopped as she got to the passenger’s side entrance and turned her head slowly to Cole. Cole was right, apart from reducing the strength of the team, Henry going in a different way from them also posed serious risks to them.

‘I think he found out something we don’t know or he’s been deceived by some of those men who reached him secretly, I told him to cut them off totally,’ she said, staring blankly into thin air. She gave him a quick look as she opened the door, ‘Let’s get out of here.’

Cole turned to the driver’s side and entered into the vehicle.

They got out of the compound and soon located Henry by the side of the road still trying to get a cab. He stopped a cab and bent over to talk to the driver but the driver zoomed off, it appeared he wasn’t interested in going towards Henry’s destination.

Cole drove towards him and stopped by his side. ‘Henry, get into the car and let’s talk about this.’ Tarasha said to him.

Henry stepped back from the road pavement, increasing the distance between his body and the car. ‘It’s no longer time to talk Tara, you lied to me when we had the time to talk.’

Tarasha was quiet for a moment. She felt anger building inside her but she tried as much as she could to resist it. She could have done something else if it was someone else giving her such problems and not Henry.
She opened the door and stepped out of the car. ‘Henry, we already agreed to go for your mother after we get things settled, why are you impatient?’
‘D--n you Tara, why should we leave my mother’s safety until the end of your mission?’ Henry replied. ‘It shows who you really are, selfish, only concerned about your mission.’

Tarasha looked around briefly to check if they weren’t already attracting the attention of other road users.

She tried to step closer to him but stopped as he pulled out a gun and pointed at her.
‘Hey! Relax, it has not gotten up to this, we’re on the road you know.’

‘To hell with you, I won’t let you come so close to me anymore. You’re not going to have the opportunity to drug me like you did the other time.’

Tarasha was confused by his words but she couldn’t ask any questions yet as she didn’t want to cause more attention from passersby. She got back into the car and ordered Cole to drive on.

Henry stepped back to the road pavement, hiding his gun behind him. He waved down the next cab and got into the front seat without first negotiating with the driver.
‘Where are you going to?’ the cab driver asked.

‘Get out of the car,’ Henry replied with his gun pointed at the man.

The terrified man quickly took off his seatbelt and stepped out of the car.

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