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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 11
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“ you are too drunk that you are saying rubbish
enough of the drinks talks, mermaids my butt”
Daniella laughs.
“ Forget it, I’m joking too ” Janelle said after
realizing the words she spewed out earlier.
“ ha I feel alive” Daniella said after a long yawn.
“ Maybe we should sing you go first ” Janelle
“ Eish forget it I am not so good when it comes
to music, I want to sleep” Daniella yawns again.
“ ok sleep” Janelle said in a funny manner.
“ life is so cruel to me I haven’t enjoy my holiday
yet I have to resume next week for trainings
ouch I feel like dying, the d--n school won’t let
me rest I feel like crying” Daniella said whining
like a baby but Janelle is not paying attention,
she is busy looking at two figures in the sea
shore. She know one of them is either a
mermaid or a siren while the other is a human.
“ I wonder what could be going on between sea
creatures and humans, but that’s not a ordinary
human she doesn’t belong here and she look like
witch, to confirm what is going on I have to
make sure Daniella is asleep ” she thought.
“ Daniella? Daniella?” janelle called but its
obvious Daniella is asleep. She sneak out with
the help of her legs which always hurt as if she
is walking on sharp nails. She didn’t walk loudly
for two reasons. So her legs won’t hurt and so
she won’t wake others or alert her target. She
hide behind a rock to listen to their conversation

with her heightened sense of hearing.
The mermaid is no one but Andrea and the
witch? Shema? The mermaid that was banished
because she practices dark magic.
“ I swear I feel like getting rid of Ana right now ”
Andrea clench her teeth together.
“ not so fast my princess on the hundredth year
we will destroy all the princess once and for all”
shema laugh wickedly.
Janelle couldn’t believe her ears, she pinch
herself so she can wake up from the bad dream
but its not a dream.
“ as long as you keep your promises I will help”
shema added.
“you will be breathing underwater very soon
enough” Andrea said and she swims away and
shema also disappear.

janelle cover her mouth in shock but poor
princess there is nothing she can do.
“ I tried to wake up from the silly dream but I
couldn’t! I tried to believe Andrea is good but I
keep having proofs that she is evil, why didn’t I
notice this before? Shema and Andrea were best
friends oh god who will save our world” Janelle
cried as she walk to Daniella’s house.
“ how on earth can I save my world when I’m
this powerless? I can’t produce pearl not to talk
of controlling them but why Andrea?” she thought
She couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night and
for three days she didn’t speak with Daniella or
Arie only crying when little Aria is not watching.
Then she remember she can contact Adriana
through her mind.
“ sister please I need to speak with you ” she
said with her mind after creating the spiritual
“ Janelle I’m too busy right now, I need to
practice more to win the competition for you”
Adriana replied.

“ don’t do any competition! ” she shouted not
knowing she actually said the words inviting
Daniella and Aria’s gaze.

“ what’s wrong janelle?” Adriana asked.
“ its dangerous Andrea and shema are seeing
each other and you know what it means ” Janelle
said with her mind again.

“ what? Shema? How did you know? And what did
they discuss? ” Adriana asked .

“ I saw them together last night and they are
planning to destroy every princesses I don’t even
know if I’m safe” janelle say it out again which
made daniella and Aria suspicious.
“ hey who are you talking to?” Aria asked but
Janelle only smiled.
“ are you still drunk miss mermaid?” Daniella said

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