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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 12
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“ oh miss mermaid? Is it me by any chance?”
janelle asked feigning ignorance.
“ our beauty queen said she is a mermaid
now she can’t remember her words? Well
Aria that’s the power of?” Daniella laughs.
“ALCOHOL” daniella and Arie said together.
“ lol you guys are funny I just always
imagine myself as a mermaid and I don’t
know why I love mermaids ” Janelle said
smiling broadly.
“ does that even exist? Well janelle I’m not
saying you are strange but those creatures
doesn’t exist” Aria said.
“ they do exist!” Daniella and Janelle
chorused together.
“ hey you guys look scary don’t bite me,
which proof do you have anyways ” Aria
“ I’ve seen one before in that sea I chased
her but I can’t find her” Daniella said.
“ she is the human that was looking at me?”
janelle thought.
“ and you Janelle you’ve also seen one? Ha
sister you can lie!!!!! How can you say you
chase something and you couldn’t catch up
with it when you are a mermaid yourself.
Your lie can sentence someone to hundred
years imprisonment ” Aria shakes her head.
“ what do you mean she is a mermaid? ”
janelle asked.
“ if there is a human fish like creature in this
whole maidri its no other than my sister
Daniella, she is always 30m ahead of other it
always got me wondering if my sister is
actually a fish or human being once her
body touched water she is irresistible, she
always win every competition that’s my

sister Daniella” Aria explained and janelle
burst into a loud laughter.
“ why are you laughing? ” Daniella and Aria
asked together.
“ no one can defeat my sister Adriana when
it cones to swimming, if you can defeat me
then you can stand a chance against ana I
repeat no human can defeat her” Janelle
said still laughing.
“ how good is your sister? I’m sure my
sister the only human fish like creature of
maidri will defeat her” Aria boast.
“ I’ve heard of Adriana before where and
when?” Arie who gave been listening to
their conversation quietly thought.

# flashback

After the birth of the human and mermaid
born in different worlds, Arie and her
husband went to maidriana sea to drop the
mermaid maybe the baby can find her way
to other mermaids or survive on its own.
They have hope but Arie can’t let go of her
daughter mermaid or not. She keep crying
until she saw a figure coming to her.
“ hi I’m Adriana I want to do some kind of
business with you but I don’t think I can say
it” the young lady said walking towards her.
“ well I’m not interested go to hell with your
business ” Arie yelled just then Adriana’s
eyes caught something in Arie’s basket. A
mermaid tail? Maybe she is the human the
old siren was talking about. Arie’s eyes also
caught something in Adriana’s arms
wrapped in a robe. A pretty baby? Maybe
that’s the business she is talking about.
“ if you want I can raise that mermaid as my
sister if you can raise this baby” Adriana
broke the silence.

“ how? You have birth to a beautiful baby
with legs but you are willing to exchange it
for a baby with a tail? How should I trust
you” Arie asked.

“ we are both suffering from the same
problem, my mom gave birth to a human
like creature which doesn’t belong to the
sea and you gave birth to a fish like creature
which doesn’t belong to humans right? We
can swap can’t we?” Adriana explained.

“ you are a mermaid I get but how come
you have legs?” Arie asked.

“ well when mermaids reach a certain age
they turn their tails to legs if they wish and
this is my first time walking ” Adriana said.

“ so that means my Janelle can actually have
legs?” Arie asked.

“ yes but only when she is twenty years
three months. You must prepare because
she will surely come back, when daniella
turns twenty build a house on this spot and
the two sisters will meet again” Adriana

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